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What I do as a psychic medium and animal communicator is not superhuman; rather, I have become aware of some of the unique communication capabilities that we as humans possess, and I make use of them.

Everybody begins life aware of the fact that spirits of the departed are among us, but by the time we are communicating with others who are physically present (the living), we usually have suppressed our abilities to communicate with those in spirit.

It is my firm belief that anyone can develop their ability to communicate telepathically. However, don’t expect each of us to do it equally; after all, not everyone dances, sings, writes, drives, and so on, at the same skill level.

After discovering my own ability in 2006, I began researching what was happening to me. I was not able to find much in the way of concrete advice or information on the subject, and turned to those in spirit for guidance.

Now, I have enough experience to share what I have learned with others. It has become clear to me that what I do is not exclusive to a “chosen” few, but rather an ability we can all tap into. Once we understand that we already have the ability, it’s a simple matter to take it to the next level. A great analogy would be a person who has been driving a car for years, and one day discovers that it has all kinds of fancy features, such as wireless communication.

Telepathic communication is similar to working with a smart phone. When using a smart phone, you see and hear far more than simple energy pulses of binary code; however that is what your phone is sending and receiving. It takes the ones and zeros of binary code and turns them into the music video you are watching, or your Skype session with a friend across the world. Our brain works in a similar way, communicating on a subtle energy level that we can learn to translate.

charles-peden-classes-2-430x323Imagine a hot air balloon; not just any hot air balloon, but a rainbow–hued hot air balloon drifting over vineyards in Napa Valley, California. As you read that last sentence your brain generated images on the “screen” of your mind. Our screens are usually cluttered with a variety of our own thoughts: memories, imagination, and material we are processing from the physical world around us. By sorting out the source of the material in one’s mind, it is possible to find incoming telepathic messages.

If this type of communication sounds exciting, I’d be delighted to guide you. In person classes are available in Tucson, Arizona and/or I can host a workshop at your location. I also offer individual tutoring in person, on the phone, or via Skype.

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