After well over a decade of working as a full time professional psychic medium and animal communicator, I am excited to be able to assist others who wish to develop their own telepathic capabilities. If you too wish to communicate with animals living and past, or your ancestors and or spirit guides, look no further.

Everyone is born with telepathic abilities which we tend to subconsciously suppress as we mature into school aged children, teens and then adults. Since most of society and our peers do not believe in such things, we are encouraged to follow suit and we shut down our abilities to be like everyone else.

For some of us though, we can’t fully shut it down and we may be labeled as crazy or schizophrenic, fortunately for most of us, we are not crazy, just seeing/hearing/feeling more than those who have tuned it out.

When I first came into my abilities I found that there was a lot of misinformation and disinformation along with the grains of truth. Separating the good and accurate advice and information from the garbage was a challenge. To make things easier for myself I decided to quit playing the game of “telephone” and to reach out directly to spirit for guidance.

I utilized the dream state and requested contact with those in spirit who had worked as psychics and mediums when living.

The dreams turned out to be very powerful and I had a sequence of dreams where I learned more about telepathy and psychic abilities.

The unfolding of my abilities took place at a rapid pace and within a short time period I found myself making my services available as a medium at a local metaphysical bookstore.

On January 24th of 2006 I had the ghost of a young woman come in to contact with me, by May of 2006 I was working professionally as a medium. In 2008 I sold my sea glass business and began a career as a full-time psychic medium and animal communicator.

Prior to working with sea glass, I was a host and game leader in the special events industry, (corporate team builders, picnics etc.) As a child I had access to my father’s home PC a Commodore 64/128 and I recall writing my own games learning BASIC and other languages, this interest continued into adulthood and prior to the dotcom crash of the late 90s early 2000s I was working towards a career as a software engineer.

I see many strong parallels between the way that computers communicate with each other and the way that telepathy works. Imagine if you will that you are similar to a smart phone in that you can send and receive information on a wireless level.

The information is literally little blips of energy called binary code, a series of pulses of energy which when translated by your phones microchip, it appears as a loved one you are chatting with online with a video service or perhaps you are playing a game on your phone or you could be working on a document. All of these separate activities are displayed on the same screen.

The same thing happens with our minds, all of our information, self-generated, memories, and incoming messages from spirit and or living animals is displayed in the same location. You must parse it out to discover its origin and context.

If this interests you, and you would like to expand your own horizons and or discover how to effectively communicate with your ancestors and or living and or past animals, I would be honored to be your teacher.

Four week package of four classes.

– Introduction to Telepathy –
– Communication with Living Animals –
– Communication with Spirit –
– Working with Spirit Guides –


June classes underway.

New class dates for fall/winter 2019 to be announced soon.

You may also opt for private tutoring over the phone at my standard reading rates.