Recent Adventures of a Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator in Southern California, Hollywood, Laguna Hills and Laguna Beach

Recently I had the good fortune of spending some time with my family in a wonderful little house overlooking the ocean in Laguna Beach. Last week I had two events scheduled in the Los Angeles area. The first event was scheduled for May 14th at the Bodhi Tree Annex adjacent to the Bodhi Tree’s Bookstore and the second event was for Sunday, May 16th at Awakenings in Laguna Hills.

When scheduling trips outside of my immediate area, I listen to my spirit guides for guidance as to where to go and what locations to book. Frequently I am contacted directly by various businesses and organizations to provide my services for them and while in the area I may look for additional venues to appear at so as to have the opportunity to touch the greatest number of people and animals.

At some locations there has been such a great interest in attending the functions that I am headlining or attending that long lines have developed or people have been turned away. So … when I was booked at the Bodhi Tree and Awakenings, it was with great anticipation that I looked forward to the upcoming trip.

In order to facilitate private reading requests I left my Saturday “open” and planned on arriving in Laguna Beach on Thursday the 13th of May in advance of my appearance in Hollywood the following evening.

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