Are you looking for something that will increase attendance at an upcoming fundraiser for your rescue shelter, store grand opening or something similar? A psychic medium and animal communicator (pet psychic) makes a wonderful addition to any special event. With over ten years of experience communicating with those in spirit (both human and animal) and connecting with our living animals, Charles is dedicated to making each event one that people will be talking about long after the last table has been cleared or chair put away.

There are several ways to incorporate Charles into your next fundraiser or event.

  •  Speaking Engagement
  • Group Reading
  • Private Readings
  • Mini Private Readings
  • Continuing Education (How to Communicate Telepathically with Our Animals Workshop)
  • Gift Certificates (Raffle, Silent Auction)


Some of the organizations and companies that have used Charles Peden’s services include The Humane Society, The SPCA, ReHorse Rescue Ranch, The Port of Oakland, K94keeps.org, ABU Arabian Horse Club, Macy’s, Wag Hotels.

If you are simply curious about what this is all about and/or you think that you may want to hear more about Charles Peden and what he does, who he is, and what his life is like, he makes an excellent speaker and loves to demonstrate his abilities.

The subject of telepathic animal and spirit communication is assured to engage people. While not everyone is a believer in psychic abilities or the claims that mediums can speak with the dead, nearly everyone feels strongly about the subject or is perhaps curious, if nothing else.

Should you wish to focus exclusively on animal communication, Charles is happy to oblige; after all, not everyone is comfortable chatting with grandma after her passing, but connecting with a living cat or dog is a whole different story.

After you have finalized the arrangements concerning your event, Charles is happy to assist in getting the word out via email, Facebook, Twitter and through his newsletter. Charles is also potentially available for media interviews to promote your event.

When communicating with live animals, it is best for the animal to remain at home. Charles does not need to see, touch or verbally connect with an animal to communicate with them. All that is required in order to connect with an animal or the spirit of a loved one who passed, is the name of the individual to connect with and the intent.

Charles will bring forth an accurate physical description, the correct age of the animal and perhaps even the type of breed, as well as other details such as manner of passing (if deceased), and much more, to confirm a connection. Once a connection is confirmed, the “reading” frequently becomes very conversational in approach.