Will my animal companion (pet) reincarnate and return to me in another body during my present lifetime? Is reincarnation real?

In my first public reading working as a psychic medium I had a German shepherd come through in spirit and deliver a message for their “mom” the dog had been passed for some time and was still following their person around as they continued to go about their life.


Every week and sometimes daily I am asked questions regarding the return of loved ones through the process of reincarnation. This subject is one that is very controversial for the simple fact that many people in the “animal communication field” claim that they can tell you when and where your beloved animal companion (pet) will return to you and in what form.


I have no personal agenda other than to reveal the truth.


As a former skeptic of all things paranormal and or metaphysical I had no preconceived ideas when it came to the material that I now work with daily. I was what you would simply call an open minded skeptic. I simply do not take things on word along, I need to witness and or experience it myself in order to feel comfortable in believing in something. I need proof, I am very logic oriented having a background in computer science and programming.


Since 2006 I have facilitated connections with thousands of individuals in spirit, animals and humans alike, not once has a single individual informed me that they had a past life with my client in another form. I have however brought forward individuals connected to my clients past where they were not thinking about that individual. I frequently connect with animals from your childhood, from your parents and grandparents lives and even animals raised for food.


Nature loves continuity and much like a play in the theatre where the actors go backstage once written out of the script, our loved ones in spirit are also “backstage”. They can still see the stage, however we cannot see them. At the conclusion of the performance once everyone is done, the actors return to the stage for a curtain call and bow to the audience and then return backstage for directors notes and if a final performance, a cast party.


After having finished a production, you may then go on to audition for another production. I see life and death as being very similar. We may find ourselves in multiple productions with some of the same actors, and often times several new ones and on occasion it’s a cast of individuals that you have not worked with previously.


Since our loved ones in spirit can still hear us, see us, and follow us around, there is very little incentive to get a “new vehicle” and return to you with no recollection of their past life with you. Better to wait a short time, (a hundred years is a short time) and reunite properly once you have joined them in spirit.

There is for some a perceived connection between the timing of an animals passing and the birth of another one, however the spirit enters the body well before birth and if not at the moment of conception, very soon after. There is no correlation between the passing of one animal and the birth of another.


I have seen absolutely no evidence to support the theory that reincarnation takes place in such a way that past loved ones, animal or human are returning to you in another physical form during your present lifetime. I do however have a very open mind and am certainly willing to consider that reincarnation for some takes place rapidly and during your present physical lifetime – should I receive evidence that I am incorrect.


The number one reason that people tend to believe that reincarnation of a beloved dog, cat, or some other pet (animal companion) takes place is because of the following phenomenon.


A few years ago I lost a beautiful cat named Stella to a heart attack in the early morning. Stella died in my arms while being handed off to emergency vet techs in the parking lot of a local 24 hour clinic. After trying to revive her in the back they informed me that she was gone and that was that. Stella was only three, had a heart murmur and was with us for two wonderful years before leaving far too soon.

Stella Luna grey white cat Photo by Charles Peden psychic medium animal communicator Tucson Arizona


Two years after Stella had passed a cat appeared under my vehicle at a local drugstore while running a quick errand in January. It was freezing out and so I told the black and white cat that ran from under my car as I unlocked it that she should come back over to me and that I would take care of her.


I bathed her, she was covered in oil from the parking lot, and cleaned her up best I could. Three days later I took her to have her chip scanned. She had told me about her family, how she did not want to return to them and instead wanted to stay with me.


To make a long story short, saving it for another time, she moved in after her family surrendered her to me. two weeks after moving into our house, she began exhibiting a behavior that only Stella would do.


Stella was a mute, she could not meow. In order to get my attention Stella would crinkle paper or plastic in a very deliberate manner and once I responded she would stop. All of a sudden Delilah, aka Miss Boots was doing the thing that only Stella did. After I noticed it and called out the behavior I was informed by both Stella and Delilah as to what was going on.


Stella had asked Delilah to deliver a message that she was still with me and she wanted to do it in dramatic and unmistakable fashion. Mission accomplished!


Within less than a week the behavior ground to a complete halt and to this date has not returned. Simply a message from a past cat being delivered through a new animal in my life. This same scenario is playing out in millions if not billions of other homes on a near daily basis around the world. Our past loved ones communicate with new loved ones in our lives and some of us confuse that message for your loved one having returned in another body, when in reality, your new animal companion is delivering a message from a past loved one in spirit.


One of my favorite readings that illustrates this is with a client who wanted to know where her passed dog was at the time of our reading. Another “animal communicator” had informed her that her passed dog was in her new dogs body. When I asked the dog where he was, he described a bedroom, a dresser and an urn. That urn held his physical remains, then he described his favorite chair and indicated that he was sitting in it in spirit. The new dog was in a different room during the reading and at no time did the passed dog indicate that he was the new dog. My client had recently paid nearly a thousand dollars to share a photo of her loved one and then she was told a fictional tale regarding what happened to her loved one. Worse yet, her new dog was not even given credit for being his own individual.


It is common to have information that confirms your animal being close to you after their passing. I just spoke with a dog who was spending time with dad at the marina where he was working on his boat. The dog showed floor boards being pried up and work taking place just under the deck, confirmed. Our animals often times join us in spirit at places where if they were alive, they may not be allowed to access, or we may not bother to bring them to.


Don’t just take my word for it, book an appointment today and hear directly from your loved ones in spirit, and or your living animal companions, aka pets.




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