Stella Luna grey white cat Photo by Charles Peden psychic medium animal communicator Tucson Arizona

Who Will Take Care of My Beloved Animal Companion After They Pass?

Very frequently I am asked about who will care for my loved one after their passing? Often times we may be dealing with the loss of a pet who was fearful, or very co-dependent upon us for nearly everything. This is a very valid concern and I have good news regarding your fears.

Your loved one is perfectly fine. There is a support system of all of their ancestors and your ancestors for starters, but more importantly there is one big angle that most of us fail to consider.

I want you to picture the body as a car and the spirit as the driver of that car.

Now, think back to the first time you got behind the wheel of a car. Think about how nervous you were. When in a car you are responsible for the lives of those in the vehicle with you, and everyone else on the road or near one. In addition you may experience an accident, so you have to worry about the other drivers on the road, the weather may be nasty, another worry. Your vehicle may fail you, another issue and you could get pulled over for a driving infraction by the police. Lots of things to worry about when driving, in fact its enough to make us a nervous wreck. Even those who have been driving for over fifty years have to be concerned for the safety of themselves and everyone around them, at all times, when driving we simply cannot fully relax.

Now picture yourself on foot. Do you have any of the stress of driving when on foot? No, you don’t, just like when you exit the physical body, all the things that were scary, can’t hurt you anymore.

Those in spirit are similar to ourselves unwinding on a beach or similar on foot after a hard day of driving.

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