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The following are a list of frequently asked questions and my simple responses to them.

A few quick notes:

I do not like to refer to pets as pets, I much prefer the term animal companion, animal, or simply fur kid or similar.

While I make some generalizations it is important to remember that each and everyone of us have unique lives, circumstance and situations that arise. Many times what applies to one individual may not apply to you and your unique situation and or set of circumstances.

Not everyone’s animals or loved ones will communicate at the same level, just like here some of us are better at singing than public speaking while other write well etc. you get the idea. Personality also plays a big part, if your loved one is shy, don’t expect them to be talkative at first, and if connecting with multiple individuals such as a household with several animals, you can expect the bossy or alpha one to continue to try and dominate – even in a conversation.

Time – most everyone who has a childhood animal show up in spirit during a reading, expresses surprise that they made an appearance since they hadn’t even been thinking about them. Even fish that you kept in an aquarium will come through, so keep an open mind. Once I had someone ask me how far back I could go, so I thought about requesting contact with an extinct animal, I was thinking carrier pigeon, dodo bird or similar, a few hours after placing the casual intention of making such contact out into the universe, a couple of brontosauruses make a visit. We view time in a very limiting way, we measure time using a humans lifespan as a yardstick which is very limiting.

A rainbow in the sky above the Linda Vista hiking trail, looking at Push Ridge in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona.

A rainbow in the sky above the Linda Vista hiking trail, looking at Push Ridge in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona.

Question: Do you require a photo or picture of my animal or loved one in order to make contact with them?

Answer: No, at the beginning I will be asking your loved one to identify themselves when they connect, by revealing details such as breed and or breeds, size, weight, age, unique markings, and other details that you can readily identify.

Question: Can I cannot with more than one animal or spirit during a reading or are there additional fees for more animals or individuals being contacted?

Answer: No, you are paying for my time and my unique communication services, regardless of the number of questions or individuals connected with, each block of time I offer is a flat rate.

Question: Can you communicate with the spirits of humans and animals who have passed and departed the physical world? (at least from the perspective of living humans.)

Answer: Yes, both living and passed animals may be communicated with telepathically – the difference in a connection with a living animal versus a deceased animal is minimal and difficult to detect without the animal telling me that they are passed and or showing me their passing. It’s kind of like chatting with a loved one on the phone while they are driving and then they park, get out of the car and while on foot they continue the conversation on their smart phone with you. You honestly cannot tell the difference from on foot to in a vehicle, accept through subtle hints such as background noise. Humans sadly are different and for reasons that are going to be reserved for another blog post, they seem to only engage telepathically once they are deceased and in spirit. At present our species is in trouble as we are the only living animal that I know of that does not employ telepathy on a conscious basis regularly.

Question: Can my loved one see and or hear me once they are passed?

Answer: Our loved ones tend to remain fairly close by after their physical death, oftentimes routines that were followed while living are maintained – such as following you about the house from room to room and perching or resting in their “spots” etc.

Exiting the body by the process of physical death essentially places the spirit (a form of energy) in the same environment as when physically present, but lacking the physical interface to interact with the world on a physical level. When in spirit you can see, and hear better than when you were in physical form. As a spirit, you travel at roughly the speed of light – should you choose to and of course you can travel the universe, but we tend to prefer to stay closer to loved ones and save the big trips for when they join us in spirit.

Question: Can you make contact with wildlife and other wild animals, what about other species such as insects?

Answer: Yes, I am yet to run into a species that does not communicate telepathically and at a very detailed level. I had a chat with a katydid that told me she had not yet laid her eggs and that she was going to die in the snow before fulfilling her job, I brought her inside and placed her in a jar with mesh on top and a branch from an oak tree per her request. The next morning, just like she had told me she would, she was dead on the bottom of the jar and the oak branch was covered in her eggs – which I released once it had warmed up outside. In another instance I was photographing what I thought was a dragonfly, but every time I said dragonfly out loud or in my mind, I “heard” damselfly, upon returning home and looking up the species I discovered that it was indeed a damselfly. During a reading I had a feral horse that had been rounded up by BLM come though. My client had just recently read an article online about the roundup and the horse that was depicted in a photo that accompanied the article was the one coming through. She never asked about the horse during the reading, however it was spot on and certainly not “her” horse.

Looking west from Contzen Pass in Saguaro National Park West. Sonoran Desert mountains and plains covered in cactus and rocky hills. West of Tucson, Arizona.

Looking west from Contzen Pass in Saguaro National Park West. Sonoran Desert mountains and plains covered in cactus and rocky hills. West of Tucson, Arizona.

Question: Will my animal reincarnate during my present lifetime and return to me in another body?

Answer: Not that I am aware of, in thousands of connections with deceased animals over the last near fifteen years I am yet to have a single passed animal step forward during a reading and tell my client that they were once another animal connected to them. My understanding is that nature loves continuity and that after we pass we will be reunited with them in spirit before making any plans to have another physical body. I am extremely open minded, but until I have evidence to the contrary the simple answer is no.

Question: May I record the session?

Answer: Yes, absolutely – there are several ways to record the conversation from your end using apps etc., we can also do a Skype voice call that you record.

Question: Does my living animal need to be with me and paying attention in order for you to communicate with them?

Answer: No, as long as they are not distracted or dead asleep their should be no problem with them making a connection when reached out to, of course some animals take a minute to warm up to a stranger, just because I can talk to them doesn’t mean that they immediately re going to open up about what is going on with them.

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"Charles is the real thing. I’ve had readings with others and was not able to connect. With Charles, he told us incredible things-things no one could know. He connected with our beloved dog, grandfather, great grandfather and family friend. Really amazing!"

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Received via email November 3, 2018

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