Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

Connection, Confirmation, Reassurance, Communication, Understanding, Love, Joy and Peace

Spirit Communications with Mentors

Reconnect with passed loved ones and reach out to your ancestors. Connect with your spirit guides and develop new ones.

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Animal Communication Living & Passed

Connect with your animal companions (pets) – living & passed, at a near conversational level. Discover your animal’s needs and get to the root of behavior issues and more.

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Missing or Lost Animals

Has your animal gone missing, or become lost? Reach out to your missing animal and find out where they are, what happened, and, if possible, how to get them back home.

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Ghost & Unsettled Spirits

Are you concerned about possible paranormal issues, a haunting? Discover if there is a presence, who it is, why they are there, and if needed, assistance in moving them on.

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“Have Had Three Readings. Charles Never Disappoints. Suggest The Hour Reading…To Accommodate The Unexpected Visitors Who Wish To Come Through!”

Ken K. (Houston, TX)

About Charles

Charles Peden is a gifted psychic medium and animal communicator who can connect you with your animal companions living and or passed, and with the spirits of your ancestors and loved ones.

If seeking a connection with an animal or loved one in spirit, seek no further. Peden provides his services worldwide over the phone, via Skype and in person.

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The Story Of Charles

My first brushes with my future career and life path as a pet psychic (animal communicator) and medium took place around the ages of three to six. I grew up in the middle of the forest in western Oregon and had several family pets. One of my favorites was a cat named Pearl who used to follow my brother and I on our exploits and adventures through the woods. Sadly, one day Pearl went missing.

Several months later I thought she had returned, but quickly discovered that I was the only one in the family
that could see her.

Charles Peden taking in the view along a hiking trail in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Satisfied Clients

"Charles is the real thing. I’ve had readings with others and was not able to connect. With Charles, he told us incredible things-things no one could know. He connected with our beloved dog, grandfather, great grandfather and family friend. Really amazing!"

Tammy Geerdts (Caledonia, Wisconsin)
Received via email November 3, 2018

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I greatly enjoy, and feel both blessed and privileged to do what I do on a daily basis. It is difficult to put into words just how wonderful it is to connect people with their departed loved ones, or give a voice to an animal companion.

– Charles Peden

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A ghost story (part 1)

A ghost story (part 1)

Fourteen years ago, on the 24th of January 2006 the ghost of a young woman made an appearance in our home. At the time I was living in Benicia, California with my wife, Heidi and our two daughters. We lived in a second-floor condo with a beautiful view of the...

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From checking in with an ill pet to connecting with a passed loved one in spirit or researching your families genealogy, Charles Peden is here to assist you.