February 13, 2020

I wish I could talk with Charles once a week. Forget that he is the most interesting and lovely man. Over quite a few years he has brought through many relatives and friends to me with shocking details that blow me away. We had a lovely conversation last week where he asked me if I used a Polident tablet to clean my retainer (I’m a grandma not a teenager with braces lol) this is true, and the father of a childhood friend came through!!! This is a well known family and Charles would have absolutely no way of knowing I grew up with them. Also obscure intimate details about my Dear Grandfather that were extremely specific. One can never deny they were paying me a welcome visit! I always check in with my little Shih tzu, and Charles describes her perfectly. This time she told him her father (my husband) cracks nuts! He loves to eat sunflower seeds and he cracks open the shells! Also that he has tissues in his pockets! Always!! And she told him all the food she doesn’t like, all correct. And she’s tired of the chicken which I cook for her daily. He also mentioned her right paw was bothering her and indeed it is. I could write a book! I have a million accurate incredible stories with this insanely gifted man, and it is a joy and a blessing to know him.

Miriam Matalon
Planet Earth
Received via email

January 15, 2020

In 2019 I lost 2 pets. First Peanut on 11-01-2019 who was only 9 months old and then our 9 year old Jamie had to be put down on 10-12-2019. It was a very hard year for the family. I reached out to Charles in February and after our conversation with Peanut, I was able to get some peace. Then we went through hell with Jamie who was in and out of the vets and was finally diagnosed with cancer. We tried everything. We changed our lives to be able to always be with Jamie. We didn´t want to lose any time with him. I would work from home as I was afraid something would happen. It was like living with a sword over our heads. There were days when we would cry hopelessly but we would always try to not let Jamie see it. And then we lost him 15 days before Christmas. It was heartbreaking. I contacted Charles and booked a reading for the 11th of January. The best thing I could have done. I am at peace. I know I tried everything and I know both Jamie and Peanut are with me. Charles revealed things that only they could have told him. I live in Portugal and Charles is in the USA up in the mountains. (edit – desert Southwest) There is no way that Charles would know anything about some of the things that were revealed during the reading. Things that only someone standing there watching us daily would know. I am comforted. Charles is a bright light, has a great sense of humor and he doesn´t know it but I am under so much medication for depression that at one stage I wanted to just fade away. Charles has made me literally see that nothing is final. Things just change. My pups are next to me and watching over me. I´m not alone. Charles you are heaven sent. Thank you so much and may God bless you for reaching out to my wonderful Peanut and Jamie.

Sandra Pinto
Lisbon, Portugal
Received via email

March 27, 2019

When my dog Rocky passed, I was devastated, and ashamed that, despite all the horrible tragedies occurring around me in the world, I was so upset about losing my dog. Reluctantly, I reached out to Charles to help me reunite with Rocky.

I expected nothing, and received everything. Charles was 100 percent on every detail of my time with my beloved dog. Our session left me in tears (happy ones), and calling everyone who had the pleasure of knowing Rocky to tell them what he had said.

To say that our call has brought me peace is a major understatement. There’s no denying that there’s life beyond all of this after a phone call with Charles.

Eileen Rockwell
Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Received via email

December 28, 2018

I’ve have had several readings done by Charles and he has been spot-on about all the details of my departed pet. It has been a very healing experience for me to be able to connect with my departed pet. If you are thinking of having a reading, please do not hesitate. Charles knew so many details about my departed pet, as well as other departed friends, family members, that he would not of known. The end result is that it lightens my burden of grief and gives me closure to many things I never thought possible.

Planet Earth
Received via email

December 3, 2018

Charles is the real thing. I’ve had readings with others and was not able to connect. With Charles, he told us incredible things-things no one could know. He connected with our beloved dog, grandfather, great grandfather and family friend. Really amazing!

Tammy Geerdts
Caledonia, Wisconsin
Received via email

November 3, 2018

We had a wonderful session with Charles Peden where many of our beloved pets who have passed came through as well as two of our grandparents. We originally reached out to connect with three of our dogs who passed away and we were delighted when a few extra spirits came through. We are so grateful to have had this opportunity. Charles does an amazing job and delivering these messages in a kind and loving way. It’s clear he has connections with the other side and beautifully relays the messages to his clients. We will be booking another session soon to connect with more loved ones on the other side! Highly recommend doing a session!

Emily Mearns
Received via email

October 12, 2018

Had a very short session with Charles concerning my recently deceased cat. At first, Charles seemed to be picking up on people I was not aware of and even seemed to contact my living cats who were not very talkative. I was resigning myself to disappointment. Then, boom. The connection was made – my late cat started giving information about his life and death AND.,,..the not so outstanding state of the house he lived in! I expected to hear about things I did with him, but not about this. Charles is the real deal. He is also very sensitive and was more happy and emotional to make the connection than even I was.

Joe Hannon
Manchester, England
Received via email

June 24, 2018

I spoke with Charles on June 23, 2018 regarding my deceased dog and my living dog. Charles connected with both of my dog’s and a few other’s who popped in on the conversation. The details of the conversation were precise which included memories, locations, food, sickness and their likes and dislikes. My deceased pet told Charles he hears me talking to him and EXACTLY what I have been saying. The reading blew me away and Charles nailed my entire reading. One word describes this man PHENOMENAL

Judy Wooten
San Jacinto, California
Received via email

April 8, 2018

We want to let you know Charles is incredible! We met with him today and found so many things were spot on, facts about our dogs and ancestors that no one would ever know. There were many points during the meeting that we felt emotionally moved and revelations that were heartwarming. Charles was personable and was very present in the conversation. Again there were many things that he connected with that no one would ever know other than us. Truly appreciate him sharing his gift with us.

Ryan B.
Oro Valley, Arizona
Received via email

January 23, 2018

Charles was lovely and professional. Will definitely call again if I need his services.

Chloe H.

Received via email

January 17, 2018

I contacted Charles about six months ago after searching the Internet for answers about my dog’s health. I had taken my dog to the vet because he had a couple of growths that were concerning. The vet recommended that he get them removed. The blood-work had already come back and it was OK for him to go through with the surgery. My concern was whether or not the growths were malignant or benign. I read many testimonials about Charles before I decided to give him a call. When I spoke to Charles on the phone the only thing he wanted to know was the name of my dog and it was recommended that he was awake during the phone call so that he could communicate with him. When I spoke to Charles I was pleasantly surprised when he described my dog including the color of his fur and the location of the two growths without me ever having to tell him where the growths were located. He also mentioned that my dog had one eye that had been bothering him and was constantly Tearing up from that Eye. He also went on to tell me that he believed the growths were benign. I was very Relieved to hear him say that and I was even more relieved when the test results came back after the surgery and the growths were indeed, benign. I am giving my testimonial because I’m hoping that it will help other people who have questions about their pets or their loved ones and they want answers. During our reading I also had a pleasant surprise and that was that my grandfather who had recently passed came through in the reading. That was a bonus for me. I hope this helps anyone has any doubts and you get your questions answered by calling Charles. Thank you Charles for your help!

San Bernardino
Received via email

December 11, 2017


Thank you so much for the reading on our beloved cat Halloween. My family was given answers and closure after speaking with you. Your gift is beautiful and amazing!

Tonya Bazemore
Villa Rica
Received via email

September 8, 2017

My daughter and I spoke with Charles and our beautiful furbaby, Snow, on the 6th. of September from the other side of the world, (Australia), and it has not only given us the strength to go on after such an enormous loss, (something we were struggling to do), but, has also forever changed our lives knowing for sure now that leaving what we know of as life is not the end. We blocked all social media before our contact and were so guarded on the phone to make sure this was real that there is absolutely no denying that what came through was 100% genuine. We are very scientifically minded, so to convince us, it had to be good! Charles being good at what he does is an understatement!! He was spot on with every single detail, including one that we didn’t understand at the time, but, after researching discovered it was correct and that our furbay is just so much smarter than we are. Charles could not have described our awesome boy’s VERY unusual personality any better and (in our opinion), no-one would have been willing to suggest if they were just guessing. We could picture that this is how our boy would have spoken to us if we had shared a ‘language’. The fact that Charles even got choked up once he felt the love between Snow and us, (coming from our furbaby), was so touching and a testament to the love that we shared and we will always be grateful to Charles for sharing that with us. His wife Heidi was also so very loving in our email exchange to organise a date for our call, (in which – once again – we gave no details away).

I noticed in a review that someone mentioned that Charles gets your address from your PayPal account, so, I was curious to see if Charles would mention our country property, (which was in my outdated PayPal details) and lo and behold he instead mentioned the very different lake we currently live on that we had since moved to and that he would have had no way to discover.

To thank Charles and Heidi for giving us our boy back is not enough, as they have the ability to also give people back the strength to continue in this life with the knowledge that they will be reunited again with their loved ones in a much better place than where we are now.

We are saving up for another call, (not because Charles overcharges, but, because of the stupid Australian dollar exchange rate) and cannot wait, but, until then, thank-you so very, very, much once again Charles, Heidi and our everything Snow. xo

Narelle Justice
Received via email

September 29, 2017

I just had a reading with Charles in hoping to reach out to my 7 month old jack Russell & 7 month old bully stag, Bindi & Lacey. In which they did arrive which was happy tears for us knowing they’re okay and Charles confirming that for us. Charles was super easy to talk to, the whole reading was very emotional for my partner and myself! Bringing up memories that the two dogs shared in that we could relate to, even my partners grandfather came through and was spot on! I am hoping to get another reading off Charles soon, to ask more questions to my two girl puppies that passed!

Chloe Dunn
Received via email

August 17, 2017

I spoke with Charles after going through a terrible time a couple of years back, and he was VERY specific about issues that NO ONE could possibly know ! I was very selective in anything that I shared-(being very careful to not “accidentally” give out any details, & I found him to be very genuine. I’ve always been very good at “reading” a persons integrity- and he’s definitely the REAL DEAL, folks!

I’m a firm believer in HIS authenticity, and am planning my next session with him now.

Thanks again, Charles!:)

Val W.
Tonopah, AZ
Original posting on Yelp

June 30, 2017

Recently I lost my two beloved dogs. May 5th, Polo my Brittany died of cancer he was 13 then six days later Zeus my 12 year old special needs British Bull Terrier died, they say of a broken heart. It was devastating, I miss them so! In my distress I was looking for confirmation that they were happy together and hopefully still with me. I reached out to Heidi and Charles in desperation. Right away their prompt and compassionate reply was very comforting, I felt heard and understood by caring individuals. Three days ago I had a reading with Charles who helped me to communicate with my boys. I was amazed at the information that came through. It helps me to cope and has confirmed that they are still with me. Gentle as a soft blowing breeze they come when I call…
Thank you Charles!

Natalie Lorriman
Montreal, Canada
Received via Email

June 11, 2017

Charles I just want to send you my most sincere thanks and gratitude. You are such a genuine, kind, compassionate and extremely gifted soul. There are no proper words to express how much my reading has meant to my heart and my soul. You gave me a gift that was worth more to me than anything I could have ever wished for and so much more. As I expressed to you on the phone, Alexis was and always will be the love of my life and because of you I was able to connect with her once again.

Gina D.
Chicago, IL
Original posting on Yelp

April 8, 2017

My beloved horse Happy passed away a year ago at age 32.    I somehow found Charles to help me connect with Happy after this unexpected passing.  During my first reading with Charles,  he initially connected with my previous horse Sunny who passed away 25 years earlier,  and went on to described in detail my experiences with him, referencing Sunny by his name.  About 10 to 15 minutes into the reading he found Happy and went on to ask Happy questions that I was most interested in.    Charles described Happy perfectly, including his color, his age, his prior injuries, and personality quirks.   I’ve had several other readings with Charles to make sure Happy is transitioning on the other side.  It’s been a very long and grueling healing experience for both of us and being able to connect with him through Charles has saved my life.    Thank you Charles for all that you’ve done to connect me with the love of my life

Sheila O.
San Diego, CA
Original posting on Yelp

October 10, 2016

Charles is the real deal and was absolutely AMAZING in connecting us with our beloved teacup Chihuahua Lola. He was so kind and sensitive and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time speaking with Charles and connecting directly with our Lola. Charles told us so many things NO ONE but us would know such as her Russian nickname, Moshkey; the fact that Lola liked to sleep right next to my wife’s “Louis Vuitton” purses; my affinity for baseball and wearing a ball cap which Lola identified as “my dad”; and the fact that we always cradled her like a baby when carrying her. Charles, thank you SO VERY MUCH! You warmed our hearts with your sensitivity, kindness and connecting us with our beloved Lola. You eased our pain and let us connect directly with our Lola, whom we miss so dearly, but through your gifts, now know that she is still with us. You have fans for life. I strongly recommend Charles to anyone thinking about connecting with a passed or living animal. Charles is the real deal and extremely gifted! You will not be disappointed. Sincerely, Alexandra and Liam Collopy

Alexandra C.
Manteca, CA
Original posting on Yelp

September 27, 2016

Highly recommend. This was my 3rd reading with Charles – blew my mind! (2nd reading we didn’t get anything- not even one little thing, 1st reading – everything was very accurate). I learned to be patient – it will come. Even on the 3rd reading I was beginning to be a little discouraged because for the first 12 minutes things that he said didn’t make sense or seem accurate. (After I hung up my brain recognized one of the things he was talking about).

He said she had bathroom issues toward the end. Indeed, about a month before her passing she had to begin wearing diapers- her kidneys were failing. I asked him about other ailments and he stated she had atrophy in her legs and her muscle mass was wasting away. Accurate again, partial paralysis in her hind legs over her last few years and her legs had become very bony. Here is what BLEW MY MIND. He said, and I could tell the question was a little awkward but he asked and these were his exact words – “do you have stones associated with her”. before I could answer he said “I’m getting a big yes from her”. Well, about 4 years ago when she got sick, I bought her some healing stones and would rub them on her belly and sing to her. She just loved this. I took these stones with me the day I euthanized her and I keep them in her cookie jar with her cremains. This blew me away, I still cry over this one statement. It’s not like he said something that is usually associated with a dog like a chew toy – he knew to say “stones”.

During the first few minutes he said something about me coughing – something to do with pollen or flour. I’m like no. He said yes, this is her way of saying she is there with you – she remembers you coughing a really bad cough but it was over after a few minutes. Well, after we hung up I remembered coughing one morning so badly I thought I was going to wake my upstairs neighbor. My mind was so focused on pollen I was thinking outdoors and it didn’t hit me until after our call. He also mentioned she would playfully look over her shoulder at me – yup, she loved doing this- she would stick her butt out and look back. He mentioned in her spirit form now she would go visit a pool like maybe an indoor pool with people echoing. We talked about his for a few minutes and it didn’t make sense. My community pool is outdoor and isn’t that nice – he mentioned – no this pool is very nice with pebble stone- he asked Lexie if it was a friend of ours – then Charles said – this is a really nice pool with a really nice clubhouse. Well, just the day before I had visited an upscale apartment community and I was looking through floor-to-ceiling windows from the clubroom to the outdoor pool that has pebble stone. This is probably why he was thinking indoor because of the windows that encompassed the entire side of the pool. Wow, Lexie was there with me. I am analytical and I need something pretty powerful for me to believe – Charles provided that to me. I plan to reach out to Charles again in the future to check in on Lexie and I also plan to purchase a reading as a gift for someone else.

Elizabeth A.
Roswell, GA
Original posting on Yelp

August 5, 2016

Lexie, my dog – my sweet love – passed away a few months ago. I have had 2 other medium readings hoping to make a connection. Both prior may have made the connection, however, I was not given anything conclusive that drove it home for me. Charles was my 3rd medium. BOOM! He had no prior info, not even a picture. At the very beginning of the call I gave him her name. He began by asking questions to ensure he was speaking with Lexie. He nailed her colors, her weight, her age, and the fact that I euthanized her. After these questions we were pretty confident we were speaking with Lexie. Here is what drove it home for me: I asked for some of Lexie’s favorite memories. He said she told him she loved it when I picked her up under her arms and she licked my nose. Now, sure any dog can do this…the thing is though – I was pretty particular about how I held Lexie, even to the point of scolding my grown daughter when she didn’t hold her “under her arms”. I picked up Lexie all the time under her arms and the first thing she would do is lick my nose. That was our special thing and I miss it dearly. Now, what comes next blew my mind…but first let me say that after Lexie passed I carried her collar around with me. I hadn’t done that for the past few weeks but on this very day I decided to take with me when I went out to run a few errands. I was actually sitting in my car in my driveway during the call. Charles said – “Lexie says you have her collar”. I nonchalantly replied yes I sometimes carry with me when I go places. Charles emphatically responded and his exact words “Well, she says you have right in front of you right now”. Her collar was around my gear shift on my car!! Thank you Charles, I actually just paid for my my 2nd appointment.

Elizabeth A.
Roswell, GA
Original posting on Yelp

July 30, 2016

Charles Peden has been an amazing part of my life. I have done 4 separate readings so far with my animals and my mom. I have recorded each one because they are so great to listen to and to keep. He is so personable and down to earth and he has never been wrong about anything. He starts each reading by asking the spirit you want to connect with to prove it is really them by revealing some things that only you would know. It’s pretty amazing every time! My cat Delilah said the front tire on my Mercedes was flat and my mom said I was redoing my table scape the previous night by adding new placemats. These were just 2 of so many things they have said just to prove their validity. The readings themselves are so profound and bring so much insight closure direction and loving communication. Charles is very funny and makes even the hardest moments so much lighter and easier to endure because those who have crossed over are guiding him to feel the laughter and love that exists into the spirit world. Charles’s wife Heidi is so warm and kind and personable and always emails me to make sure I have everything I need and to ask how my reading went and to reassure me that they are always there for me.
Love these guys so much. I cannot recommend Charles Peden highly enough. He is truly a gifted earth angel and definitely the man to seek for all of your inquiries guidance and communication. Thank you Charles!
Your friends, Julee and my amazing Mom, “Joy”

Julia E.
Escondido, CA
Original posting on Yelp

March 29, 2016

I met Charles and his family about 8 years ago. He read my dog and was totally on point. He has then since passed and when I have time I will be getting another reading from him with my current pet. He did a reading for me of my great grandmother and I will never forget it for the rest of my life. He was on point with EVERYTHING! !!! and there was absolutely no way for him to know anything. My reading kinda happened by accident as we were sitting around the table talking about my dog and he kept getting interrupted. I could tell he was receiving information but he was trying to stay on track with my pet. He apologized and said I have someone here that is very persistent and REALLY wants to talk to you. I was surprised but figured my great grandmother would come through, and she did. I would ask him questions that only she would know and he would give me the right answers. He also told me that she pulls my hair to get my attention and to let me know she’s around. I have had my hair pulled on multiple occasions prior to this reading and many times after the reading too :). Charles gave me closure that I couldn’t get any other way. I’m a very spiritual person and I could feel her and I knew she was there with me. I talked to her through Charles and I finally said good bye. I saw her leave in the most beautiful light and I was at peace. I hold onto that memory and cherish it everytime I think of her. Charles is amazing and he should be doing your reading. You can’t go wrong with him. He’s the real deal and I swear by it.

Elaina P.
Redwood City, CA
Original posting on Yelp

March 28, 2016

One have an open mind. Two definitely audio record the session to listen back for things you might have not heard properly.

I believe his talent is real. I have used many other before and they ask too much about you and talk about random things and fill time. Even if they’re talent is real, we know NOTHING scientifically about it, so be forgiving when the communication doesn’t happened as you planned. The times he was ‘incorrect’ about facts, he was able to refocus and re-correct without me saying anything to lead to right answers. In fact, I give as little info as possible besides description and name, and let him tell me whats going on, so I know the info is not based on something I said.

I have used him over the past 5 years a few times and each time gets a 5 star. I’ve connected with lost love ones (I know for sure by the confirmations he gives the person who is dead would only know), speaking for guidance in my life where and how to move on, explanations of tragic un explainable deaths that were confirmed to be true.

To give a good example we spoke with my cockatoo I am having some behavioral issues with. I mentioned nothing about having issues Only his name and that he is a cockatoo. Charles asked ME if we were going through stuff and helped me figure out what was going on- one specific we thought might be part of the problem was ‘the sounds’, Charles PERFECTLY mimicked the human audible sound of our dog ultrasonic bark corrector, AND the EXACT sound our doors and windows make every time we go through them.

At first he couldn’t connect with the main animal passed I was wanting to speak to, but as our conversations went to other topics- what seemed like errors were little clues- we were talking about a different dog situation and described a dog like mine I couldn’t reach, so he realized my dog was waiting there all along to talk we just didn’t get the connection right the first time.
We were able to circle around so don’t give up if they’re not responding through him right away.

If you are not a believer, I dare you to try it and feel for yourself the truth behind it.

His prompt, kind, professional, and can get through a decent amount of communicating in 45 minutes is my minimum (got a chance to cover 3-4 entities), I recommend preparing questions in advance, not giving out too much info to take it in.

He is more expensive years later but STILL WORTH IT.

Pets alive and deceased, people, there is SO much to learn and insight to be had, if only we could all have this skill.

Thank you Charles again. I know I will be back.

Sterling B.
Atherton, CA
Original posting on Yelp

March 24, 2016

My dear cat, aged 10, died 28 days prior to my call with Charles. I had felt her trying to reach me and thought I was going crazy, so I decided to try an animal communicator.

He took about 5 minutes to reach her. He said she was very clear. She identified herself correctly with the exact locations of her illness – chest and head. (a brain tumor with metastasis to one lung). Among other things, she described her favorite table used to propel herself to a window with only curtains. She said she missed our dog and described our dog correctly. She described being in a silver thing with people we didn’t know (airplane). She said she liked to lay by my right side. She confirmed that she had been connecting to me by lighting up her toy ball. Charles knew only her name, color, age, and that she was a cat, info I supplied prior to our call. She didn’t use all words, some things were more like “pictures” she gave him. There was more too.

Then, omg, my dad came through. It was so unexpected, (both to Charles and me), but so much detail, only a close family member would know: his age at death, his favorite lunch, his war service, among other things. I was so happy to know he’s with my cat. He is the person who passed love of cats on to me.

There’s no way Charles could have found out things prior to my call. During her last days I pleaded with my kitty to let me know she was okay. I have never done that with a pet, and I’ve lost many. My heart was open and I was ready for the messages. I have never believed in ghosts, ouija boards, etc., but there is no other explanation than that Charles has a gift and I feel very lucky this happened for me. Thank you, Charles. You have helped the healing begin.

Rosary B.
Gaithersburg, MD
Original posting on Yelp

March 4, 2016

Wow. Charles is amazing. We had a short phone session. He was able to identify both of my cats immediately. He could “see” what was wrong with her. All he knew ahead of time was her name and that she had a medical issue. He intuited 100% correctly when he felt that she had skin irritation around her face. Then, he asked what could help her. All that kept coming was the message “coconut oil”. I had tried a million different remedies to no avail. After 3 weeks of rubbing coconut oil into the skin around her head, her scabbing, dryness, and skin irritation is gone. I am amazed! She is sooo much happier. And so am I!

I highly recommend Charles. He’s super friendly and really has the skill to connect with animals. So cool!

Thanks again Charles!

J. L.
San Francisco, CA
Original posting on Yelp

February 25, 2016

I’ve reviewed Charles already and gave him 5 stars. I’d give him a million stars now. I’ve used him 4 times total and each time has been amazing. To go into detail about each one would take a LONG time so I’ll be brief. One time was to talk with my living cat who was sick. He told Charles he needed an X-ray and that his left lung hurt. I did have him x-rayed and he had cancer in his lung. We discussed euthanasia and he requested turkey slices to eat (which was his favorite and I hadn’t given them to him in awhile). I’m thankful to have given him what he wanted the day before he passed. The last time I used him was to talk to my living dog who was old and ailing. He had cognitive issues so Charles was having a hard time communicating with him. I had Charles call for my cat who had passed to come and help us and he did. My dog and cat spend over a decade together and my cat confirmed his cognitive issues and helped us reach the decision to put him down. When I read the negative reviews on here I wonder if the people leaving them do not understand the spiritual world at all or just go into a reading with expectations that are not met. Just an example, the very first time I used him was to contact my child hood cat who died 15 years earlier. I went into the reading knowing that it had been so long that he may not be able to get him. He did in fact contact him but it took about 15 minutes to do so. Each time I have used Charles, other spirits have tried to utilize the connection to connect with me. When bad reviewers say he is “guessing” this is what they are referring too. He’s not guessing. He has helped me with my animals so much that I’d been meaning to get on here and leave this review. Charles is genuinely amazing and I’m so thankful for him. I’m currently saving up to do another appointment with him to talk to both my cat and dog who are now both gone. I miss them terribly and can’t wait to be able to “talk” with them.

Cristi J.
Bend, OR 
Original posting on Yelp

February 22, 2016

This was such a wonderful experience!
Charles made contact with our dog and we had a great conversation. It totally confirmed our thoughts on several matters. It was a pure bonus that a lot of the people we love who’ve passed on were also showing up to talk and we really appreciated being able to hear from them. We didn’t give any hints or even suggestions about any of it and Charles just went right to it. He even brought in a friend we had talked about but really did not really expect to hear from. His descriptions and observations were accurate and detailed. We have a few puzzles still to work out, but there were so many perfect hits we are sure that conversations with relatives will reveal the answers. Thanks, Charles. It was just terrific!

Becky M.
Eugene, OR 
Original posting on Yelp

December 23, 2015

We have now been with charles for the past year and a half, since our little one had passed. We talk to her through charles on a biweekly to monthly basis. I must say that I have never met anyone more gifted or amazing then charles. He is right on point! We always have such a great connection and he is always spot on and so accurate. Its been a while since we first posted a review on here. Today we had one of the most amazing connections. A holiday gift! I went from laughing to crying and just being in the moment like old times with our little one like she was right here beside us and has never left us. It makes the healing process a little easier knowing that she is always here, with us, hears us, goes on adventures with us and is by our side in happy times and the not so great times. I never was a believer and neither was my mother in law. But ever since charles, and with each and every reading, we know he is the real deal and able to connect with our little one and other family members as well. This is really a life changing experience. He is truly the best! We highly recommend him. But if you don’t use him, more room for us! 🙂

Michael E.
Pomona, NY
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December 17, 2015

When my beloved dog died at 13, in the greatest grief of my life I contacted Charles Peden, hoping that with his gift he would be able to connect with my dog’s spirit. I didn’t know what to expect, but his accuracy was exquisite and impressive. First off, he asked me what my dog’s name was and I told him Benny. Then he connected with Benny’s spirit and said “Aw, he was a black Lab.” And then touchingly he started to cry, “Oh, my God, he had the sweetest face.” Then he said “Benny is turning around and showing me his left hind leg was weak from arthritis.” Right on, Charles! Then he said, “He’s showing me underneath his right shoulder…Oh, he died of cancer.” Yes, he did and he had tumors removed under his shoulder which were the first evidence of metastasized cancer from which he died a month later. That he got sick was extremely devastating to me, so it was so comforting for me to hear from Charles that Benny wanted me to know that he was “all well now.” Charles went on to describe some of Benny’s favorite memories which oddly included a detailed description of some unusual sidewalk lights. I had no idea what Charles was talking about and thought he must be mistaken. I went back to where I used to walk Benny and for the first time noticed those very distinctive lights that Charles described, they were closer to Benny’s height than mine. Charles ended our session by asking me if I was writing a poem for Benny. I told him I was, but was too emotional to finish it. “Benny wants you to finish it” he said. And so I did, for Benny. I can’t say I got closure from talking to Charles, but I got what I needed. It was heartbreaking, but meaningful and worth it. Charles is the real deal.

Louise C.
San Diego, CA
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November 23, 2015

I knew a very gifted healer who told me it was the easiest thing in the world to find your reincarnated pet. I had no need for that at the time since I had a dream dog who meant the world to me. Fast forward 12 years later my dog died. I had another 10 years pass and decided if he was coming back I wanted to find him. I did contact a woman named “Agnes” who supposedly specializes in this and she told me George was coming back and to go find him and she would confirm when it was him. Well I called Charles to confirm George was back and WOW he saved me grief, untold grief. He asked George where he was and George said in a mahogany dresser in the bedroom, that is where his ashes are!! He said he is with me and part of my “pack” (I do dog rescue and have an ongoing menagerie here.) Thanks to Charles, I was fed a bunch of hooey by a ridiculous woman and saved from running around like a maniac looking for my dear dog.

Charles does connect. On another occasion I checked with him on how my sweet rabbit, Romeo had died. Charles called out to Romeo, and informed me that 3 Romeos appeared to him. I had not told him I had owned 3 different pet rabbits named Romeo, all deceased. He even described what they looked like.

Any other communicator wastes time and “fishes” for information. They will also go on and on about other people’s stories charging you for the time to fill your head with nonsense. I would say stay away from anyone else but Charles. Do not waste your time or money. Too many
opportunists are out there wanting to prey on you during your time of grief and distress.
Charles wife too is an enormous comfort and very sincere. She makes the appointments for Charles by phone. She has so kindly given me her time to let me know they have never had a client yet who has had their pet truly reincarnate.

Consumer A.
Fallbrook, CA
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November 15, 2015

I originally contacted Charles Peden for a 30 minute session as I am skeptical of most psychic/mediums. I am not new to the idea of using these type of services but I thought I’d give it a chance as my Puppy passed and I was/still am an emotional wreck – she is my world.

Anyways, the first time I talked to Charles, he told me that he is seeing a Golden Retriever. I was a bit perplexed about this as my Puppy is a Husky. No matter how I try to convince Charles that he was off base on this, he was adamant about what he was seeing. I then remember that the mother of my child that had passed years ago had a golden retriever – probably the only golden retriever I had ever known. So it appears that she had sent her dog to Charles because she wanted to touch base with me.

Now I know you all must think Charles is fishing and/or playing some guessing game as others had stated but Charles told me some things that only my ex could have known. I truly believe the contact was real.

Charles then was able to contact my Puppy and talk to her for me. Charles knew the means of her passing and other items as well. And also, I had only paid for a 30 minute reading but Charles talked to me for an hour at no extra charge – hardly the actions of someone that is only in it for the money.

Well, here is a happening I want to share with the skeptics.

I have since used Charles’ services to reach out to many of older deceased pets – and some pets currently around. One example of this is me having a phone appointment with Charles and my dog at the house wanted to go outside right before the consultation. Well, my dog was starting her whimpering to go out but I had a consultation with Charles at a certain time. I told my dog she’ll have to be a big girl and wait until after my appointment. I then went outside to wait for Charles’ phone call. The first thing he says is that he sees a yellow/cream lab that wants my attention – well, my dog is a cream lab mix. Coincidence? Obviously, I decided to take my dog out while I was on the phone with Charles – she had to utilize the “bathroom”. She took care of her business and I put her back inside and continued my talk with Charles.

Another thing I’d like to share is that people/pets on the “other side” aren’t necessarily hanging around waiting on us to reach out to them. It doesn’t mean they don’t love us or miss us, it just means they are busy as well. Now what they do, I don’t have a clue but we all want the best for our pets that cross over and we all want them to have endless fields to play in and little friends on the “other side” to play with. If your pet doesn’t come through, perhaps he/she was just busy doing something? I had one pet that passed away about 30 years ago when I was just a little kid that took three different attempts to contact before she finally came through. Charles was honest with me that the connection just isn’t coming through. If he wanted to or was a fraud, he could have went fishing but he didn’t. I knew the pet was more my mom’s than mine and that is why I think the dog had no real sense of urgency to come when I reach out – she was simply busy but she did finally make contact.

Anyways, to sum things up, to date, I have had 7 consultations with Charles. Some are better than others. Some I feel he was 100%, others not as much but I always took away something to know that my puppy was there. Charles has an amazing connection with my Puppy that recently passed. Maybe because my Puppy knows that I need her to help me get through this and she is around me more so than pets of mine that passed away previously. Years ago, I didn’t really believe in the stuff I believe in today. I was young and thought I knew everything.

Another problem I hear mediums have is spirits may come to them when they don’t ask for them.

I don’t know about other’s experience with Charles. All I do know is I trust Charles. If he can’t connect with your pet, then it might not be Charles’ fault. Also, remember, Charles is also human – he might not be on the top of his game that day either. And that isn’t necessarily his fault either. The universe is a strange and miraculous place. I realize the “bad day” isn’t much consolation when you so desperately want to speak to your fur baby and things don’t go your way. All I can tell you is my experiences – Charles is legit.

I can go on a bunch more but this review might seem just too long as it is. All I can suggest is if you use Charles or any pet medium/psychic services, try to spend some time meditating and talking to the loved one before the appointment with a medium. Let your loved one know what is about to happen and that you love them and would greatly appreciate they could be there for the appointment – it seems to work better that way for me.

Keith B.
Endicott, NY
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June 10, 2015

After 3 close family members passed all with in 2 years under different circumstances, my friend told me to call Charles and to get some closure. Charles and I were trying to get my aunt to come though and Charles descriptions were off and I was turning skeptical but then I realized he was describing my grandmother, she was not going to wait her turn she wanted to go first. Just in life she wanted to say hi first. he described her perfectly and what he said she said to me was something exactly she would have said. he even brought forward my grandmothers sister who I wasn’t expecting and he described the smoke smell (she died in a fire) even called me the nickname she used to call me. he also got ahold of my aunt and gave me her nickname and described my daughters bike my daughter is learning to ride her bike, so it validates my aunt is looking over my daughter. The real deal came in when he talked to my cousin Charles knew things that no one would know and the things he told me are the exact words and cadence my cousin would have said. Charles and I were in tears, This man is awesome and has a gift. I am already going to schedule my next reading to clear up a few things that we briefly touched on.

Thank you I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your gift. This brought me more closure then you know just to be able to say goodbye and to know that they are still looking in from time to time means the world to me.

Stephanie B.
La Porte, TX
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June 9, 2015

Charles astonishes me more and more with every reading. He has helped me through one of the hardest times of my life, helping find my little dog of eight years. He led me to the area where my dog’s abductor is hiding her! I received a handful of calls for sightings right in the area where he said to put up posters. Our hopes are high! Whatever the outcome is he has been nothing but miraculous! From the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU Charles for your heartfelt kindness and guidance.

Deb B.
Santa Ana, CA
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May 12, 2015

I spoke with Charles this afternoon and it was the first time that I had ever spoken with a medium. I was skeptical at first but I decided that the worst case scenario was that I didn’t receive the connection or closure I was seeking. My tibetan spaniel, Kira, passed on approximately a month ago and I’ve been grieving her death every day since. When Charles reached out to Kira, he began to describe a dog reaching out to him that was only 11 years old (Kira was almost 15 when she passed) and the coloring of the dog was different from Kira. It took me only moments to realize that it was our other, still living, Tibetan Spaniel Buffy. Only moments after that did Charles describe Kira, her markings, weight, cause of death, etc. When he asked me if Kira was a Pomeranian I began to cry because Tibetan Spaniels look very similar to Pomeranians. I also had not told him that Buffy was a Tibetan Spaniel either. I was bawling only 5 minutes into the reading.

Charles is awesome. He asked me if certain things Kira was telling him had any meaning to me. He said Kira kept telling him about a certain memory where she was wearing a costume with wings. I couldn’t recall anything at the moment. It was only until after the phone call that I realized last Halloween I dressed her up as a peacock. Charles also said that Kira really enjoyed the hummingbirds and the vines that go up the side of the house. He asked me if the hummingbirds drink from the flowers on the vines. I told Charles that while we had hummingbirds, I believe they only drink out of the feeders. After my reading with Charles my mother confirmed that the house had flowers on the vines where the hummingbirds would drink out of.

I also asked Charles to ask Kira what snack I gave her every night before bed (ritz crackers). He wasn’t able to get a clear answer from Kira but said that Kira was describing a snack that had a wrapper that crinkled (like chips), it was kept in my bedroom and Kira said she rarely saw me eat this food. I bought these crackers for Kira and every night before bed I gave her a cracker from the wrapper that sits on the bedside table. She’s right, I never ate the crackers and they were purely for her.

Charles also said Kira was talking about another dog that I had in my house. This dog was a brindle color and was 3-4 times the size of Kira. Kira and the dog tolerated each other but didn’t have a relationship. I have a brindle lab mix and they absolutely didn’t have a strong relationship. Charles also told me that Kira also said that she was frustrated with a male figure in the house (likely my dad) who often raised his voice and yelled, which scared her. This was very true growing up and something Charles never could have known.

I believe, with everything inside of me, that Charles was connecting with Kira. When I asked Charles to ask Kira if she was upset that I hadn’t visited her grave (because I’m too distraught) he told me that she’s not upset because she’s not there; She’s here with me all the time. Charles was also able to describe a moment where I felt Kira’s presence after her passing. He was able to describe the furniture, what side of the furniture I think she jumped onto, and Charles told me that Kira wanted me to know that this moment was real and she was with me. Charles also asked Kira if she’s visited me in my dreams. I thought for sure that Charles would tell me Kira has come to me in my dreams, but she hasn’t. I haven’t had one dream about Kira since her passing. Charles told me that Kira said she hasn’t visited me in my dreams yet and that’s because she wants to give me time to heal from her passing.

The hardest part of the conversation with Charles was after I had him reach back out to Buffy and ask her how she’s handling Kira’s death. Charles told me that Buffy still feels very emotionally distraught and is still grieving Kira’s death. This is very apparent in her behavior since Kira’s passing. I also asked Charles how Kira felt about me getting a new Tibetan Spaniel puppy. Kira told Charles that she wishes it could be her. Kira did also say that she is okay with it, but she misses me.

Charles is amazing. I highly recommend him to anyone! After the reading I called my mom and even she was crying on the phone in disbelief. Charles lead the conversation and required me to give such little information. He’s absolutely the real deal and I will be scheduling another appointment in a few weeks. Thank you Charles for giving me such peace with Kira’s passing. It was the best gift I could have ever received.

Ashley R.
Sparks Glencoe, MD
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May 12, 2015

We had a reading with Charles this afternoon. Both my husband & myself were very excited & hopeful…but skeptical. Charles facilitated a connection between myself & my shi-poo, Oscar, who passed away almost two months ago. Not only did Charles give us very specific details, that only we could know, but he also connected with two of our living dogs and gave us very specific details about them & how they were feeling. During our session, Charles was also able to connect with a special family member who happened to pop in. Again, very specific details, that only we could know. The appointment with Charles truly left us speechless. The hope & peace that he gave us was truly priceless. Knowing that our boy was happy, healthy & most importantly–still with us, was more of a gift than he will ever know. We would whole-heartedly recommend his services and will definitely be calling again in the future.

Amber J.
Sauble Beach, Canada
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May 6, 2015

I talked to Mr. Peden this afternoon about my cat who passed away about a month ago. At the very beginning he said he got in touch with a long-haired cat of mixed colors with seemingly some problems on the face around the eyes. I thought it was the one I adopted after my cat passed away but I just realized it was the first cat I ever owned, a Persian female always having runny eyes…I was surprised after my session with Mr. Peden because I think that was something not easy to just “guess”.

It took him a bit of time to get in touch with my dead cat in spirit probably due to his reserved nature, but at the end we got in touch with him. He was sending some images to Mr. Peden which corresponded to my work and educational background, which I found quite amazing. Mr. Peden said that was because he followed me in spirit and I found that it made sense.

My session only lasted 30 minutes and it was not enough for me to communicate more with my cat. I booked another session with Mr. Peden on June 1st, and I am looking forward to more communication with him and I will prepare some questions as well.

The only problem I had is that I am from Montreal, Canada, a French-speaking place. Mr. Peden talks a bit fast, maybe not for an English speaker but for me, yeah, a bit too fast 😉

M. C.
Montreal, Canada
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April 24, 2015

Charles facilitated a connection between myself and my yellow Lab, Maggie, who passed back in February, a couple of months prior. He provided some very specific details that I quite frankly hadn’t thought of in awhile. He picked out that Maggie ate baby carrots as a snack. He also received an image, upon request, of her best buddy Max who followed her to the other side a month later. Charles did see that Maggie was a little overweight during the prime of her life and picked up on her mellow temperament. He also described a very specific detail about one of our favorite little local hikes, that there is a private reservoir for a hunting and fishing club that is chained off but where we’d sometimes sneak so I could allow her to take a quick dip.

One of the more amazing moments came when Charles shared with me an instruction from Maggie to eat the asparagus in the fridge that I had purchased a couple of days prior before it went bad. Charles pointed out that Maggie has a great sense of humor which I always felt.

I have to admit, the reading started off a bit roughly when Charles kept seeing a malamute-like dog. He disclosed to me that he had been reading about missing pets resulting from a recent event in the news. I was aware of this event and decided to continue to keep my mind open. I’m glad I did. After he instructed Maggie to assert herself into the picture, she did and things got much better.

He asked about the significance of the number 8 and I couldn’t think of anything on the spot. Two days later, I recalled that I brought Maggie home in August of 2006 and additionally, I had first saw her ad on a Lab rescue site on 8/8.

Most importantly, he said that she is with me on my hikes and will continue to partake with my next dog and that she loves me very much. While this doesn’t replace having Maggie with me in physical form, I felt very nurtured, reassured and satisfied with the whole experience. He also told me how to make contact and communicate with Maggie which I’ve tried and I believe I’ve been successful. I would love to participate, one day, in one of his group seminars and readings.

We finished with a short discussion on quantum physics and I hope to one day follow up with a discussion on the implications of spirit form in relation to parallel universes and alternate realities.

Robert N.
Louisville, CO
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January 3, 2015

After reading about many animal communicators I asked Charles to help me communicate with my beloved corgi who died 3 months ago. I was not disappointed. Within a minute he had identified her breed and other specifics. He saw “a plush toy… something high.” Tetherball was her favorite game, and the ball was soft and flew above her. He asked me if I had flown recently, and he told me she was with me on the plane when I flew to NYC a week earlier. I sat on the right side. Right. The number 5 kept coming up. It was the street address of the meeting I attended.

No one should underestimate the difficulty of channeling “binary code” (Charles’ term) into images. If the images aren’t clear, the communication can’t be clear. It’s no surprise if the images (e.g., “favorite treats”) are common to many animals.

During our session there were two items I could not relate to. Charles asked me to make a “side note” in case the meaning became clear later. There were no gimmicks, no attempt to convince; only a conversation with a sincere and likable man who makes no exaggerated claims about his extraordinary gift. I would work with Charles again in a heartbeat and would encourage anyone who approaches the subject of animal communication with an open mind to seize the opportunity to work with him.

Deborah, B.
Barre, VT 
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December 30, 2014

I have been to many psychics and Charles is the real deal. I have had him do readings for several of my pets and he was right on each time. We connected with my dog on the other side who suddenly passed away and his insights and messages were right on the mark. He also helped me greatly solve an issue I was having with my horse. He is truly awesome. On top of that he educates and is very informative. I have loved my readings with Charles!!

Lisa A.
Brooklyn, NY 
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October 28, 2014

I had 2 readings with Charles to connect with my cat that passed away. I was truly amazed. He mentioned specific things about my cat. He described him to a tee (he even mentioned the white patch on his chest). Everything he said was right on target. He mentioned specific Halloween decorations that we had put up and even a nickname that we had for him. Charles has made me a true believer and I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like to connect with a loved one.

Francine D.
Springfield, VA 
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July 15, 2014

Five stars is inadequate! Charles has helped us so many times and it is always interesting to talk to him. He is accommodating, kind, and a true help on times of need. I was a total skeptic when my friend first told me she was calling him six years ago. I told her she was wasting her money. Well, Charles led her straight to her deceased dog whom we searched for days for. There have been at least 7 other instances that Charles has helped with and we are so thankful for his abilities. I get it if you are fearful but trust me, it is well worth it.

Patrice, S.
Anderson, SC 
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July 6, 2014

I just noticed that I had three separate messages that Yelp somehow didn’t tell me about, from the past year, from distressed pet owners who wanted reassurance before calling Charles Peden.

Hopefully posting this update will help. In short:

YES! I still totally recommend him.
YES, we have in fact used him again since I posted my review (to find out what happened to a runaway chicken) and I would still recommend him wholeheartedly.
YES, if I saw your Yelp message I would say you should totally contact Charles. Yes, really. Yes, still. Yes, even right this second. Yes, now too.

In that case, the chicken got out of the yard to follow the siren song of a nearby rooster and did not make it across the four-lane freeway alive. We were grateful to get closure and to be able to tell our chicken how brave she had always been and how much we loved her.

To Charles’ credit, he also emphasized that we didn’t have to use his services if we wanted to talk to her again, that we could always talk to her in our hearts. I don’t know exactly how he put it, but I have found that to be true and I’ve found that advice to be invaluable with other pets.

I hope that helps!

Tenacious D.
Oakland, CA
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 February, 10 2014

I agree with one of the other reviews, I’m going to out myself that I indeed did solicit the help of an animal communicator to connect with my beloved dog. Many would think this CRAZY (including my spouse) but I believe we all get that one dog in our lives that makes a significant impact and I miss him every day.

I gave Charles nothing, set up a WebEx bridge that he had to dial into an 800 # so he wouldn’t know what part of the country I live in (west coast, but I have a slight Jersey accent) and only gave my dogs name.

The fact is that no one could have known (outside of my direct family) the detail he gave me. He described him perfectly, I didn’t give him any information about this. He knew his age and was surprised and questioned me on it. He said I don’t know about this but was he 17 years old, this seems old for a dog his size. He was a young adult when I found him and we had him for 15 years, so 17 was always my guess as I couldn’t imagine in was over 2 when we brought him into our home.

I asked if my boy was upset when we moved in with my now spouse because of his dog. His response was, “the white dog? He was ok.” Well my spouses dog is white and although my boy tolerated him they were never great doggies friends because he was old and the lab was very very young and too energetic for him. Charles also stated that he loved going camping and asked me if the pictures he was seeing were the Sierra Nevada mountains… to the point that he also brought up that my dog was holding a corn cob in his mouth. We always brought corn on the cob and it was a big treat when we gave a cob to my boy and he would run around in pure joy chewing on it and playing with it. For most of our 15 years we would spend up to 30 days camping/backpacking and hiking in the Sierras during the summer, and also a few weekends enjoying the snow during the winter.

It was a very surreal experience for me. Make your own decision, but it was money I could blow and it was money well spent for me.

Kelly L.
Livermore, CA
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January 17, 2014

I had a reading to connect with my beloved dog Kobe last April. First off, the whole payment and scheduling process was easy and smooth.

On my first reading, there was no connection because not enough time had passed from the date my dog passed away. We rescheduled for a few weeks later and then it happened. Charles got everything dead on. It was quite scary but soothing at the same time.

He described my dog to the tee, his age at passing, how he passed away, and many more specifics. He told me exactly what I needed to hear to help me cope with my dog’s passing. My dog was sick and died suddenly but he never let me see how sick he was.

My daughter who I lost a few years back through a stillborn pregnancy, appeared as well. She was happily by my dog’s side, exactly the age she would have been if she had been born alive.

He mentioned that I was pregnant, which I was at the time, 8 weeks exactly with my son. I am proud to say that I now have a healthy 3 month old boy 🙂

For anyone that has doubts, I can honestly say Charles is the real deal. I can’t even begin to thank him for what he did for me mentally. Being pregnant and losing my beloved pet was the toughest thing ever. He mentioned that my pet gave his own life so that my son would get the attention he deserved. My dog was very sick and was going to need lots of care. I already knew my dog gave his life for my son but I needed to hear it.

I was so grateful to him that I paid the extra half an hour he went over on. He didn’t expect it but I felt he gave me a great solid hour long reading.
I will definitely get another reading from Charles. I am forever a believer.

Susana, B.
Fords, NJ 
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June 10, 2014

Have had three readings. Charles Never disappoints. Suggest the hour reading…to accommodate the unexpected visitors who wish to come through!

Pat C.
Taylor, TX 
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August 2, 2014

two weeks ago (7/14/14) our dog Musket ran away during the thunderstorm that shook the earth. He ran away out of fear. We had four agonizing days of incredible search teams from many people in our community. The unbelievable outpouring of support and prayers my family received during this crisis is beyond words. I cannot thank each and everyone enough. I truly cannot put our gratitude into words. Everyone was amazing.

On Friday, July 18, 2014, we had a conference calls with Charles “medium master” who confirmed his whereabouts. we spoke to on a conference call with my family. After 45 min speaking with charles he clearly directed us in the right direction indicating hes alive waiting for us. My Husband and I began to search deep into the wetlands where Charles indicated his whereabouts. we found him about a mile from our home. After 96 hours (4 days) of no food and water he was quite lethargic laying in the thick brush of the swamp. I ventured out to the Taconic State Parkway to flag down our children who knew our whereabouts from the gps cell phone tracker. The Briarcliff Manor Volunteer Fire Department responded out to our location and rescued us. He was placed on a rescue basket and carried out by our family of Fire Department members. We took him to Katonah Vet who had to do a procedure. We all home with him helping him mend. It’s all a miracle. Thank you all again and thank you Charles for reiterating his location.

Warm affection, Bill and Debbie Johnson
Briarcliff Manor, New York

July 27, 2014

I recently had to euthanize my boy and it was horrible for me. Now I have lost many cats throughout the year and while sad with their passing I felt it was the right thing to do and was not guilty about the choice..

My Napayshini was different I was so depressed, distraught, and felt unbelievable amount of guilt. I knew I needed to talk to someone It got that bad. But the one person I needed to talk to was not here, while I believe in mediums I sought out those who can speak to animals and I found Charles he was within my price range so I decided on it.

So July 26 2014 was my appointment. I can not even begin to put into words how much it helped me make peace with my choice, but I got a few surprises, My Dusty, Bo and My Autumn BabyGirl came through as well as my baby boy.. It seems that Nappy had cancer. I had no Idea. I had no money to treat him as he stopped eating, I forced him as much as I could to eat and did what I could with no money.. I pleaded with him to eat on his own and I finally had no choice put to have him euthanized.. I am glad he is not mad at my choice and forgives me..

Charles surely has a gift I am grateful to the universe for opening this door for me.

He is an amazing human and I will recommend him to anyone wanting to connect with their furbabies.

My next appointment is to try to connect with some of my human friends who have crossed over.

Thank you so much Charles, you were able to help me to move on and forgive myself I know my kids watch me and are with me.. I am sorry I made you go over your time a bit..

Dawn McGroarty
Pittston, PA

July 9, 2014

I spoke with Charles Peden regarding my cat, Timber, who has been missing since June 20, 2014. During the first contact, he could not make contact with Timber, but another cat of mine, named Nickolai. He knew details that only immediate family would know. I was given an area to try to find Timber. I looked every day, but could not find my cat. I had a followup reading with Charles Peden in which he made contact with Timber. It was bittersweet, but I did have some closure. Timber was attacked by a fox. He was bit once and died almost instantly. While this was difficult to hear, I needed to know what happened. Unfortunately, due to my rural location, I will probably never find his body. Charles knew details about Timber that only immediate family would know. I think he is truly gifted and would recommend him to anyone who is at their wits end regarding their missing pet. I truly could not sleep when Timber went missing and spent most of my time searching for him. While I was hoping Charles was wrong, knowing what happened and knowing that Timber is at peace provided me much comfort. Again, I thank Charles for the closure and peace I so desparately needed.

Barbara Sergeant
Owego, New York

June 28, 2014

I have had several positive experiences with Charles locating missing animals and connecting with deceased dogs. I was once a skeptic but I am here to tell you that after the first reading several years ago, I FIRMLY believe in his abilities. If you are reading this and trying to determine if it is real, worth the money, or if you should consider it, the answer is YES, YES, YES. Charles has a unique ability to communicate and I am personally so thankful for all the readings he has done and the lost dogs he has led us to. Charles, you are amazing.

Patrice Shearin
Anderson, South Carolina

June 18, 2014

I lost my dog a few month ago and the pain was so overwhelming that I was trying anything to get some relief. I found Charles online and made an appointment. I only booked 30 minutes because I couldn’t imagine what he could say that would make me feel any less heartbroken. I was very emotional during our session because talking about my dog was difficult. Charles made the connection to my dog, knew his color, size, age, breed and how he died. I was sobbing yet wishing I had booked more time. When I finally looked at the clock, I realized we had been on the phone for almost 70 minutes. Charles never said “time’s up” or “we have to end the call” or anything about the time. He only said “I couldn’t get off the phone because you were so distraught, I needed to stay with you.”

Needless to say, I booked a session for my mother an another for me. Both have been amazing and accurate. During the second session, Charles mentioned something that I didn’t recognize only to realize after the call ended that the object he and my dog were referring to was sitting right next to me! After each call, I feel at peace and more accepting off the situation. It is more than anyone one else has been able to do for me. I look forward to my next session and I have recommended him to all my friends.

Marian, M.
Narberth, PA

June 11, 2014

Even if I hope that he’s wrong, I’m quite sure he isn’t. I contacted Charles about my missing cat, and we made a connection with him. He identified him, and I’m sure it was him, because he told me about his sensitive paws; my cat is the only one I’ve met that’s really careful about walking on something unpleasant like on gravel, snow or wet ground. But my cat didn’t want to talk about what happened to him. Anyway, we eventually identified a house, and I got some other clues I yet don’t know what means. But the hour didn’t give more and both me and Charles where a little disappointed so he offered me a free follow up. I went to the house we’d talked about, no cat but when I got there, I got really scared. Don’t know why. During my follow up I told Charles this, and he tried to contact my cat again. But another cat came to me instead, my cat that died when I was around 15. This cat was really MY cat, when me and my mother was out walking in the forest when I was really young, we found him on the path, just a tiny kitten a few weeks old. I told him to follow us home, he did, and after that he stayed with me and I was the only one he really liked. So he, as well as my grandfather that passed around the same time, told me that my missing cat was with them and that they were looking after him. I pray that Charles is wrong, but it feels to right, and somehow I’m happy to know that they are taking care of him and watching over me. I would recommend Charles, and I plan to contact him again in a while to see if my cat has settled and is willing to talk.

Therese P.
Falun, Sweden

June 10, 2014

June 4th I had my third reading with Charles. Was seeking my baby Angel (who successfully came through on my previous readings). Prayed prior to my reading to all those I love in the spirit world, and let them know I’d be happy to hear from them. On my previous appointments admit focusing was confusing and difficult, and later confirmed I had missed messages. A cocker spaniel (Prince) from my past has tried twice before, and was happy to acknowledge his re-appearance. He was determined!

Last week my mom and two of my Golden Retrievers decided to take their opportunity. Was in California for three weeks when apparently my baby Maverick became ill (he had surgery that year for cancer). One week after I returned, got a call at work that Maverick was dead. His illness had been missed by my husband who cared for them while I was gone. When I returned I assumed he was depressed by my absence…dogs hide so much from us…always giving with no expectations.

Charles described a picture of Maverick on a “raised platform with his head turned”, I immediately began searching. Though disappointed not to connect with my Angel, felt comfort in connecting with Prince , Maverick, Marina (another Golden) and my mom. I strongly suggest you take an hour, the time goes by so fast. You won’t be disappointed. Will be calling again soon. Thank you Charles!

Patti Chait
Taylor, Texas

June 9, 2014

My cat went missing on a Monday.I contacted Charles on a Wednesday and he returned my call on Thursday to contact my cat.I wouldn’t have found him if he wouldn’t have given me the right location to look in.it took a few minutes to contact PJ to tell us where he was at.but I didn’t get discouraged Charles actually talk to another one of my cat that had died a few years earlier. Charles told me what color my cat was and told me the right places to look in thanks to him I have my PJ back. I would recommend giving Charles a try for all your needs I will be contacting him again to talk to a few of my deceased animals especially since one has already come forward.


March 31, 2014

I called Charles when my rabbit died and it appeared he was tormenting my terrier as usual but this time he was killed. I didn’t tell Charles I had 3 rabbits named Romeo which were all deceased. I asked him about my rabbit Romeo and he told me he had 3 Romeos appear, and described them to me.

I was very careful to not give him information on them yet he described them to me. This confirmed to me he is the “real deal”.

When I am tormented by the loss of a pet I tend to go into such agony and sorrow I throw my energies to many who are complete flakes and opportunists. Charles is not one of them and he truly sees the animals.

Oh another woman told me my deceased dog was reincarnated. So I called Charles to confirm. Charles told me my dog was in a mahogany dresser in my bedroom. Wow, that is where I kept his ashes. My little dog had not reincarnated but still was with me in spirit. Confirmation. For $35.00 that is a deal.

Margaret Napier

March 19, 2014

If you have an aging dog like we did, and have lovingly taken special care of him/her, it can be extremely difficult to know when the time has come to say good-bye.Charles was able to definitely confirm that our “pup” was himself,choosing to ask us for help in being put down. Now a still difficult task was made alot easier by knowing that we were actually doing something our pet wanted. It was not done without tears, but there was no guilt. His service was invaluable that day!

Heidi Thibault
Sonora, California

December 28, 2013

Charles is Amazing. He knew things that would be impossible for him to know. I was actually arguing a fact with him to find out he was right. He is the real deal. He made a believer out of my non-believer friends. I just scheduled a second session with him and am so excited! I am so grateful that he is willing to share his gift at such a reasonable price. Thank You Charles!

Pamela D.
Phoenix, AZ 
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November 21, 2013

I had a strange experience with Mr. Peden. My cat went missing and I was extremely upset. While searching for how to find cats, I found that there are people in business as “animal communicators.” I really felt that it was ridiculous to even try, but I thought, “worst case scenario, I’ve wasted $125 and at least I know I tried literally everything.” My appt. with Charles was a week later and similar to what other people said, he wasn’t able to identify much about my actual cat: kept getting the color wrong and then explained that cats who have possible passed over are disoriented and other deceased cats from your life (who are different colors) speak for them (okay….). The whole thing was humorous and I was in good spirits so I rolled with it (after all, what did I expect?). When Charles still couldn’t connect, he said “I have other ways of figuring these things out-where do you live?” and he pulled up google maps of my area and looked at it. He looked at it for awhile and then said he has a feeling I should go look in a particular field about 4 blocks from my house (there are MANY fields, others closer) and THEN got the color of my cat KINDOF right (also explained that away.) He said, “I have a feeling you need to go look in that field and I’m not sure what you’ll find- it might just be closure.” We hung up and my husband and I chuckled about it and I went out to go look around in that field because we were following every lead anyway so why not?

I found my cat’s remains in that field, collar still on him, most likely eaten by a fox or coyote. It was so heartbreaking to find him like that, but also strangely peaceful and stunning that a desperate chance taken on an animal psychic in California lead me to him. My husband was also stunned.

Extreme coincidence? Possibly, but it’s pretty remarkable since there are literally hundreds of places he could’ve been. So, I don’t know what to tell you, folks. I went into it fully expecting to waste $125, and now I’m so thankful I did it because it at least gave us closure. So I guess I would say if you’re really bereft and $125 isn’t going to bankrupt you, it’s worth a shot and you won’t miss the money a year from now.

Thanks, Charles! Whatever you did (or didn’t do), I’m very grateful.

Mavi G.
Denver, CO 
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July 27, 2013

I’ve had the fortune of having a few readings with Charles over the past year or so…and I think I’m finally ready to “out” myself as someone that uses a psychic medium to communicate with their animals both present and past!

I understand that there are many, many skeptics out there–including, until recently, my husband. But to that I say, with *every* reading I’ve had with Charles, he has brought forward *something* every time that nobody else could have known–or at the very least HE couldn’t have known. It’s kind of mind-blowing and goosebump-inducing at times, and utterly worth every penny.

Thanks, Charles! I’m sure we’ll talk again whenever something else (yet again) comes up with my furkids!

Tracey F.
Morgan Hill, CA
Original posting on Yelp

May 21, 2013

Charles helped me find my beloved lost cat, Thomas. Thomas had given us a scare when he jumped off of our apartment balcony and ran off into the night. Thomas had always been an indoor apartment cat so I was pretty terrified of what would happen to him out there on his own. After posting signs and combing the surrounding areas, we could not find him. A neighbor had seen him a couple of times at a dumpster behind the building and he had darted away each time. I decided to look into speaking with Charles after searching the internet and seeing the testimonials of others who he had helped. He was able to make contact with Thomas and tell me the vicinity of where Thomas was, asking if there was a man made lake or water nearby describing the town homes close by. He also asked Thomas to let himself be found and to let people see him so he could go home. That night, my husband and I came home and as we walked into our apartment lobby, saw the neighbor who had spotted him by the dumpster holding him in her arms! She said this time she was able to approach him and when she walked up to him asked, “Are you Thomas?” to which he replied with a big meow. We are so thankful and grateful to have Thomas home. Also, in a follow up phone call with Charles about Thomas, he suddenly stopped and asked if a song he was hearing meant anything to me. It was a song I had played as a teenager in marching band around the time our family dog had passed. He described her and let me know she just wanted to say hello. This was quite a surprise! I’m in awe over both experiences.

Jacqueline Q.

Feb 19th 2012


I had an amazing evening and two amazing readings with Charles last night at the Black Chasm Cavern. I would like to participate with the e-mail service. Thank you so much. Communicating with my father after 30 years meant so much to me especially with the emotion that was clearly conveyed that I knew was from my father for me.

I so appreciate the gift you gave me.

Laura Nasatir, MD

From an email titled “OMG We found him!!!” dated February, 19th 2012.

Charles, we found him! On 8th street, off of Broadway and Rosemont!

Chewey resting after his adventures.

Chewey resting after his adventures.

After I last emailed you Tessa and I took showers, ate and basically regrouped. We googled “Sand and Gravel Tucson” and found a roofer on the map on 8th, about 2 miles from where we live. There is a Macaroni Grill on the corner of Broadway and Rosemont. Not far for a dogs nose! He was camped out beside the roofers house near a hose with a slow drip. He could have probably stayed there for a while unseen. He was safe with a water source and some cover form the elements. Hence, the lack of urgency. His feet are raw from travel on gravel but he is basically ok and SO happy to be home.

Basically, we drove right to him and picked him up. That moment of Tessa exclaiming, “There he is!” will go down as a defining moment in my life. It was like a dream. Crazy! I actually dreamt of finding him 3 times the first night he was gone but kept realizing it was a dream after finding him. But now here he is!

You nailed it dude. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love you!

Larry and Tessa
Tucson, Arizona

January 17th, 2012

Hello Charles,

Carly returned just in time to celebrate my birthday with me last week. 🙂Carly-300x225

One of the key elements in the reading was geese being fattened up for slaughter. You directed me to Slaughterville Road, and a church with a white steeple on that road. I left flyers there and planted a poster at the nearest stop sign. I drove down a hwy in the area that I’d never driven before. I felt very lost and unsure if I was headed in a helpful direction. Its importance didn’t register with me at the time, but I passed a tire shop – a place that uses an air gun/impact wrench type tool that makes noise like what Carly described to you that she could hear. Though I felt I was far away from the right search point, I planted a poster at that intersection. Later I discovered that tire shop was in close proximity to where Carly was ultimately found, only I had approached it from the opposite direction.

The next day I got a call from a woman, Teresa, who had sighted Carly. She saw one of my posters and called to say Carly had been at her house two nights prior. Her son wanted to keep her, but her husband said no, she belongs to someone, let her go back to her home. They never realized of course just how far from home she actually was. Well, the woman and her family live in Slaughterville! I knew we were on to something, so I rushed out there to put more posters in that vicinity. As I was hanging posters, Teresa drove past and introduced herself. She had more news – Carly had been at a neighbor’s house the night before, eating from an automatic feeder! Now we have a sighting only 14 hours earlier.

Later that evening, Teresa called to say she had Carly in her car! She had driven further east of where Carly was last seen, and found her walking down the street. This was at least 1.5 miles from Teresa’s house.

When I arrived at Teresa’s house to get Carly, I noticed the house had dark, muted green shutters – the dark green trim you saw in the reading. Also notable is that they are building an addition on the house – another possible source of the air gun sound – a nail gun?

Your intuitive input along with old fashioned footwork and good-hearted people combined to bring my girl home!

Thank you so much for your invaluable help.

Brenda, NC

I contacted Charles on Sunday, September 18, 2011, after our cat Silky had been missing more than 35 days. We weren’t sure if she was still alive, and had all but given up hope of seeing her again. Charles’ first impressions were that our cat was still alive, and he saw box-type trucks nearby.

I asked Charles if he could connect with my other beloved cat, Pollyanna, whom had died on August 13, 2011 and ask her about Silky. Charles instantly picked up Pollyanna’s energy. Pollyanna informed him that Silky was alive and seemed to be moving to and fro in a confined area. I told Charles that a canal runs behind my house and it continues right behind a U-Haul truck business. Charles felt Silky was near that business.

Indeed she was! Trapped in the canal, unable to escape over the 20 foot tall cement walls on both sides. We placed a trap in the canal, and after 38 days and a strong will to live, we got our Silky back. Thanks to Charles’ God-given abilities to connect to all animals living or passed on, we now have our Silky back home.

Our family highly recommends Charles for any needs you may have regarding animals. He is a kind and compassionate gentleman.

Mr. and Mrs Peck, Concord, CA

Dear Charles,

I just wanted to tell you how deeply moved I was during my session with you yesterday. (4/12/2011)

I was so focused on my desire to receive information about my living dog, Bo, that I never dreamed I would receive a message from my most beloved Minnie. What an incredible gift that was.

Your amazing accuracy in describing her looks and personality took my breath away and I’m so glad that I followed through on my gut feeling that I must schedule a reading with you.

The information that you gave me about Bo was not only “right on the money” but supported my own theory of his former life and age and gave me peace of mind.

I was completely at ease with your warmth, honesty and integrity and, with a house full of dogs, will definitely be contacting you again. The service you provide is invaluable and I’ll be recommending you to anyone who will listen!

Thank you again,
Christy Johnson

Since your workshop on Sunday (1-30-2011) I have noticed communication with my own animals more. Just like a light switch was turned on. A cat that I had given to a new family 3 years ago suddenly had her owner send me pictures of her, this after my thinking about her all last week. Also my cat that I asked a question to answered me with a very positive response and leapt on to my lap with joy and wide eyes at the idea I presented her.

At the workshop I knew the species, color, hair coat and color of my partners pet even before we were asked to do so. She was just as amazed as I was.

Thanks again, this is fun!

Kathy Morlang
Bali Hai Bengals

We had a phone session back in December (2010). I doubt you will remember me. I’ve spoken with you a few times, but I know you talk to so many people.

I called to try to connect with my littly kitty that I had to put down, however, there were others that wanted to be heard. My sister is very ill. Family came through loud and clear. There is much peace in knowing there are those waiting to help her cross over. I passed our session along to her and she was able to validate that which I could not.

I just wanted to let you know you have brought me some peace as well as my sister through our session. We will talk again.

Thank you.

I want to thank Charles for helping me find Sawyer, our Great Pyrenees, when he was lost on Christmas. (2010)

I realized Sawyer was gone Christmas Eve night when I returned home. Living in a less populated area, I was afraid I’d never find him among all of the woods and land. A friend of a friend suggested I try Charles.

After talking with Charles, he instructed me to stay focused on one particular road, Walker Rd. He stated this road would be significant in finding Sawyer and to make sure I searched there, talked to people and posted fliers of our missing Sawyer.

I did as instructed. One of the gentleman to whom I gave a flier on that road is who found Sawyer. I talked to him ON Walker Rd as he headed out to work, and he lived right off of Walker Rd on a connecting small street. Had I not focused on that area that morning, I’d of never come across these people or handed him a flier, begging for help. Truth is, I’d of not focused on that area if Charles hadn’t of encouraged it b/c it was off the beaten path a bit.

Sawyer is now relaxing and has eaten lots of food. I am incredibly relieved to have him back home. It’s a horrific feeling to know they are lost out there.

Thank you, Charles, so much for your help and your patience. I truly appreciate you taking the time out during your hectic few days to help me reunite with my sweet Pyr.


by Barb Cantrell

I fostered Nellie for a few months, searched high and low for a great home for her, as you all know. I pestered Heeler Groups on Facebook and online to find a home for her. I harrassed people I knew in animal rescue to help… me until finally one website proved fruitful and I got a call from a wonderful family in Wyoming. They were cattle ranchers and really nice people with a family of 6 children and other cattle dogs for Nellie to play with. After numerous emails and phone calls a transport became available for Nellie and I met them in Gurnee, weeping, kissed Nellie goodbye and sent her on her way. Nellie enjoyed the transport with the two wonderful women who loved her and treated her as their own. But when Nellie got to the cattle ranch she jumped the fence the next day. This was on 10/29/10. The new owners informed me through an email. I sobbed with my head in my hands…how could I find her out there when I’m in northern Illinois???!!?!?!?!

Nellie had disappeared. The new owners were convinced she would come home when she got hungry and I pictured her lost in the wilderness being chased by coyotes and snakes. I bawled my eyes out every day and prayed. I contacted three Wyoming newspapers in the area and paid to have lost and found ads put in their classified ads offering a reward for her safe return. I contacted Town Halls and Animal Shelters. I emailed her pictures and gave descriptions to numerous helpful people in the area. I contacted a friend who suggested I try an animal psychic, Charles Peden, who had helped them find two lost dogs in the past. I talked to Charles and he gave me some leads. I then called the family and told them what Charles said. They sounded open to it but I wasn’t sure how hard they were looking for her. Finally on Monday 11/1/10 I decided to go out there and look for her myself.

With a bag packed, my car on “full” and my own animals cared for I took off the next morning at 3:30am. I travelled through Wisconsin, Michigan then into South Dakota when I received a call from the owners. They had found Nellie, and when they didn’t come back to her the previous day, asked one of her transporters to help find her and Nellie came to her. They caught her!!! She was safe and in their home!!! I was ecstatic! Then I was asked if someone else could have Nellie. “NO!” I said rather rudely. There was silence on the other end of the phone…I felt panic. Didn’t they know how I grieved for her, panicked for her, prayed for her?!?! I tried to tell them that and it occurred to me that I wasn’t the only one grieving and panicing and praying. They loved her too and I was so grateful they caught her. But I was afraid she would run again. She had to come home with me – the home she’s known for so long.

Charles Peden, the animal psychic, said the following: She would be found near a group of small Christmas trees in a row, like a tree farm. In this terrain there weren’t many areas like that, but one of the adopters remembered an area. When she went there guess what she found? NELLIE! Charles also said that she wanted to be back with me, didn’t dislike her new adopters at all but just wanted to go back home. I felt horrible I’d given her away but I really thought I was doing right by her. Right family, wrong dog. Easy to fix now that they had her. I want to thank Charles Peden for his insight. There is so much vast land out there in Wyoming and his input was the difference in finding Nellie. I would recommend him to anybody looking for a lost dog.

I finally arrived at the house at 9:00ish my time (they’re an hour behind) and when Nellie and I met she did a double take. She went crazy…both of us crying, she jumping on me with her tail going in circles. She clawed my neck like she was digging in. We sat on the couch and she jumped up beside me and practically bent me over back over the couch. She eventually curled up next to me with her little nose on my leg and let me talk with the adopters. I am so grateful they let me take her back. I’m so grateful they caught her and took such good care of her until I could get there. I had been driving for 18 hours straight and I was ready to go to the hotel in Greybull with Nellie.

Nellie and I slept all that night and the next day cuddled up to each other. She came with me when I went out for food and we took walks down the main drag in Greybull. She was getting back to being her old self and we played with the stuffed toys. Finally on the morning of 10/4 we took off for home. We left after sun up since I didn’t want to drive through that mountain in the dark. We drove through beautiful country for 9 hours then got a room at the Days Inn in Mitchell South Dakota. Nellie is an excellent traveller by the way. She didn’t try to get away from me and she didn’t potty in the car or hotels once. The next day we travelled another 9 hours and finally made it home. Nellie was so excited to see the other dogs. She was excited from the front yard smells and bolted up the front steps with me in tow.

The dogs were happy to see her and there was lots of sniffing going on. Nellie likes playing in the yard the best. They all seem to find room on the bed at night and she’s acting like she never left. The thought of her sleeping alone out there in the Wyoming wilderness still makes me start to cry, but she never has to worry about being alone again because she’s mine now. She’s going to get microchipped in a week or so, and even though her name tag is missing, she will get a prettier, more permanent one in a few days. She’s home!

Dear Charles,

My equine friends and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for using your amazing communication skills to help us this past summer. So many positive changes have taken place as a result of the conversations you had with all of us, I’m not sure where to start!

One of my horses had been suffering for more than 7 years (despite treatment from many excellent veterinarians throughout the state) with a skin disorder which was diagnosed to have an auto-immune component. He was on high doses of strong medication, and during “flare-ups” was in so much pain, it broke my heart. I had tried several times to get him off of the medication due to the negative side affects, but had been unsuccessful. Using the information gathered from your conversation with my horse, I started a different way of treating him, and I have been able to gradually reduce his medication to almost nothing.

Another one of my horses, a mare, has had a hormonal imbalance which was completely unmanageable. Over the years, many attempts have been made to treat her condition using both traditional and alternative medicine. During your conversation with her, it became apparent that there was a huge emotional component to her situation. In the weeks and months following, I was astonished to watch as she experienced what appeared to be completely normal cycles without the usual drama and “out-of-control” physical symptoms I had been witness to for so many years. I firmly believe that her conversation with you was therapeutic and that she was able to release much of the emotional “charge” when she talked to you about the issue.

Your accuracy with information that you could not have known without talking to my horses was astounding. The entire experience has brought my animal friends and me much closer together, and we are most grateful.

Thank you so very much!!

Thanks again Charles,

Yesterdays session July, 27th 2010 was verry good. I am so happy to have found you and your ability … you helped me tremendously with communicating with my passed dog and passed nephew, as well as another furry friend. 🙂 I will be forever grateful to you … anyone who has come across this web site and Charles who are kinda skeptical, I urge you to give him a chance … he will most definitely give you closure and confirmation from the other side and that it’s so verry real … thanks again Charles Peden …

Sincerely Johnny, CA

Hi, Charles,
I wanted to thank you again for talking with me and Dani yesterday afternoon (July 16th 2010) and to give you an update.

So, I felt relieved after we spoke, and we had an action plan in place. I had several things to do in the afternoon, and we spent the next few hours running errands. We came home to relax and make a game plan and decided that I would get up in the morning and put up fliers on Adeline and then at night, we’d put fliers in mailboxes along that corridor.

I got ready for bed early and was just about to brush my teeth and go to bed at around 9:00, when I noticed that four of the six cats in the house were sitting attentively at the screen door. I thought that the neighborhood cat we call “Monobrow” (after Maggie’s nemesis on The Simpsons) was at the door. I went over to see if I could see him or chase him off, and there on the porch was Crindy.

I went out and she came willingly. I picked her up and came inside and fell to the ground weeping and holding her. She was skinnier and she had a mass on her belly. (I took her to the vet this morning and they are doing surgery this afternoon; they think it’s an abcess, and it should be a minor surgery.) She was in high spirits and does not have a fever or seem to be uncomfortable at all. She ate a lot of food and drank a lot of water last night. She really wanted affection, and she came to bed with us and snuggled most of the night. I spent the first hour or so I should’ve been sleeping petting her and cuddling with her.

It is a total miracle. Dani said, and I agree, that the key was talking to you yesterday. She said that maybe it was you looking at the map that helped her to understand how to get to our house from wherever she was being kept.

Thank you thank you thank you for helping our kitty to come home to us!


Hello Charles,
Just wanted to say thank you again. I was really moved by our session, (Dec. 3rd 2009) I told my mother about Opa (grandfather in German). She said, “that doesn’t surprise me, you always had a connection with Opa”. She was really touched and moved. I told her that I would like to do a reading with you in the future to talk to Opa and if we can my father too. She agrees that would be wonderful. I’m telling you this because my mother would tell you herself that a month ago she was the biggest skeptic with this sort of thing. She did believe in pyschic ability because of Oma (grandmother) had a lot of pyschic dreams, but not in communicating with animals and spirits. She thinks God is helping me through you and your special gifts. I know you have helped a lot of people.

By the way, I drove by the plastic yellow playground. I usually talk to Fritz when I put Nicole to bed. On three different occasions I did it in that park and I purposely looked up at that playground to see if Fritz sees it and confirms he hears me. Amazing!!! When you first said yellow I was trying to think if Nicole has a yellow toy, then of course you said plastic playground. The headband caught me off guard. I was talking to Fritz on Sunday evening in my garage where I leave him food. I walked in from garage to my kitchen. I saw picture of Nicole with her 80s ballerina outfit on and I really focused on headband because it was funny and looked so precious with her little curls hanging over it.

Good luck with everything.

Thank you,

Sunday, December 14th 2009

Hi Charles,
First of all, the reading I had with you this morning was amazing and exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. I really feel that you have opened my eyes to things in my life that I have been pessimistic about. I am amazed by the details you gave me. I have to admit that I had a reading with a more well known psychic about a year ago, I was put on a waiting list for 8 months and paid $350 for what was supposed to be a 30 minute reading, but only turned out to be 20 minutes. I am so happy to have found someone as talented and accessible as you.

So, now to the information I have received since my reading with you. After I got off the phone with you I called my mother who was with my grandmother at the time. I told her about the Charlie Chaplin conversation we had and my grandmother says, “Oh, I dont’ know if I’ve ever told you this, but I dated one of Charlie Chaplin’s son’s when I was a teenager.” My grandmother grew up in L.A. and often ran around with celebrities. She is also the grandmother I was telling you about who would moor their boat in Charlie Chaplin’s mooring in Catalina Island. I couldn’t believe it! I am really going to try to connect with him as you suggested so that he may help me with my writing. I will keep in touch and let you know how things go.

Best Regards,

I really want to thank you for taking the time to speak with me today (Saturday, September 6th 2009). I appreciate all that you did to help me find my dear sweet Foxy. It sure did mean alot to me that you took the time to contact me on a week-end.

Your information proved to be very accurate, and I was able to find her. Unfortunately, I did not find her alive, but was thankful that I did in fact find her, and now have some closure. I’m not sure if you knew she had passed on, but I’m just happy to have here back. You truly have a gift, and I appreciate you sharing it with me. I have attached a picture of my Foxy lady so you can see her. Thanks again, I will be forever grateful to you.

Colleen Crossan
Anderson, SC

Hello Charles,

First I would like to thank you again for speaking with me yesterday, (03/11/08) about my hairless rat Lucy after she had suffered a severe attack by one of my other special needs rats named Dodger. I want to let you know how correct you were and also how meaningful your words were to me.

You told me that my hairless rat would prefer the name “Lucy” to “Maggie” so as soon as I arrived home last night, I called “Lucy” and she emerged from her hammock and enthusiastically responded as if I had been calling her Lucy her entire life. It was also ironic that when I had previously been searching through a list of names, “Lucy” stood out the most but I did not choose that name since I had already had a rat named Lucy a few years ago. Even more ironic is that tonight as I held Lucy, I noticed how closely her facial expressions resembled my previous Lucy.

As you may recall, you suggested that Lucy’s neck (more so on the right) and her lung area were both injured. At the time we spoke, I confirmed that her neck was indeed swollen and the bite/scratch marks were on the right side of her face/neck area but that I hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary with her lung area. When I arrived home last night, to my horror I found her lung/chest area very swollen. You had said that you were not picking up any injury to her underbelly and that remains correct.

You were picking up injuries to her left flank and you are correct that there are bite marks on her left rear flank and not her right. You asked about her right rear foot. Both her right and left feet do have scratches. You did not mention her front feet and when I arrived home I confirmed that there were no injuries to her front feet.

You were picking up an injury along her spine area and I knew there were bite marks on the left side of her spine but I did not see anything definitive directly along her spine. However, when I was driving Lucy to the vet this morning and was stopped at a stop light, the sun shone on her giving me a perfect view of a faint but definite scar running right along her spine and I am assuming this old injury is what you were picking up. I suspect that this injury was sustained either while she was at the humane society or prior to that when the previous guardian had her.

Even before I returned home last night and discovered her swollen chest area, I was worried but since you had told me that you did not believe her injuries were life threatening, it gave me hope. My vet gave me medications for Lucy today and between your positive outlook for Lucy and my vet’s positive prognosis for her, I am confident that Lucy will indeed recover.

Most gratefully yours,

Debra Mendelsohn
Marin County, California
Animal Care & Adoption Network 501(c)(3) nonprofit / Bay Area Rats Rescue

I just wanted to tell you how amazed my daughter and I were with the group session and the private readings last night. Communicating with my husband who passed away almost 23 years ago was so special to me. Since my husband passed before our son was born; our son has always had a void in his life. I loved being able to tell my son that his dad spends time with him now even though they were unable to meet on this plane.

We were also amazed when you asked about my granddaughter by name. That made us gasp.

I was just looking over your website and came across the orb pictures. It reminded me that a few weeks after my husband died, I awoke at 11:00pm to see a glowing orb floating near the foot of my bed. As it started to move closer to me, I became scared and turned into the pillow. When I turned back, it was gone and I have never seen it again. I have always felt so guilty for turning away. I think I will take some pictures around my house to see if I can catch one in a photograph.

Well, thank you again.

Lori House
Benicia ~ CA

I heard you on “Sarah and No Name” this morning and think you are just amazing. I’ve never been a believer in psychics and have never, EVER done a psychic reading, but your authenticity is really incredible and palpable, even over the radio.

A listener
San Francisco ~ CA

Dear Charles,
Not being either a believer or nonbeliever, I went to see you today, in response to some sudden changes in my life. Your accuracy and friendliness both comforted and amazed me. You knew so much about both the living & nonliving, the animal & human folk in my life, and the most personal aspects of them, that I returned with more questions the same day! I noted, how some of my questions remained unanswered, and I got a feeling the information was none of my business. You handled my grief over a broken relationship sensitively. Even my own health issues, about which you could have known nothing, you were able to speak to cogently. Amazing. Truly.

Thank you, for contacting my friend who was murdered last summer. It was such a shock to our “gaggle” of close friends. We visited him in ICU before he died, and I had so much to say; you assured me that he knew what I’d told him. When you got tears, saying they were his, because of his joy at the contact, and that he looked forward to our eventual reunion, I experienced a warm, healing relief. The details you were able to give me, about which you said he laughed, amused and encouraged me – you even knew his profession and avocations, without my input! You still do not know the details of two of the inside jokes – in fact, you could not have know they were inside jokes – but you laughed sincerely, and said he was doing the laughing. I’m glad he is still amused.

Thank you, also, for the rest of the hour you spent talking to me, and being patient with my emotionality. At one point, I felt a little self-centered and rude, but you were patient, given my grief. You’ve experienced so many wonderful things through this gift. I read your testimonials, and it sounds like your wife is a gem, too. Not all of the gift is sweetness and light, it seems; it is a serious responsibility. From my personal questions, to your examples and your messages from the whales that swam up the Sacramento River, you have taken on the mantle of this responsibility bravely. In my gratitude, I also admire your – and your wife’s! – strength.

Most sincerely,
Maggie Scott
Benicia ~ CA

Thank you for the reading on Thursday. My friend and I came in just after noon. I went home and called my Mom and Aunt and told them about the red car reference from my cousin. They both had several ideas (one being that I drive a red Mustang) but nothing concrete. You had said that it was bigger than a Matchbox car, perhaps a model car. This morning my Aunt called to tell me about a red toy car, about 6 inches in length that my Great Grandma had and all the kids played with including my cousin. This meant a lot to our family. My cousin committed suicide 11 years ago.

I was also very impressed that you were able to bring my favorite cat through. This cat meant a lot to me. I got him after my divorce. He was the only animal that I acquired without having to consult anyone else. He was mine. You were immediately right on with the details. Siamese, head injury, seemed intentional (wasn’t). I know in my heart that it was an accident but still very difficult to think about. I miss him. Thank you for this and I will be bringing my Mom in to meet you next month for a reading.


In June of 2006 my father was diagnosed with leukemia and died three days later. None of us had time to say goodbye. I knew Charles Peden for about a year before he called to tell me about the rare gift he received in January of 2006. For many, Charles’s explanations of communicating with the dead may have been hard to believe. But my father had been studying life after death experiences since the 1970s so I was familiar with the many experiences others had shared. I’d never considered using a psychic before but it was time to give it a try. When I first called Charles my father had passed but it had not been very long. So Charles put out the word I was interested in communicating with my father and in August he came through.

I was on a 2-hour drive alone when my cell phone rang, I could have sworn that I had turned it off, and it was Charles who said, “Richard I have your Dad with me and he’s ready to talk with you.” Being somewhat new at this I decided to ask three “control” questions to see just how convinced I could become of this presumed link from beyond. A month prior to my father’s passing we went on a trip down to one of the barrier islands of Virginia. It was something he had always commented that he wanted to do when we drove past them for the last 30 years. My first question to Charles was what strange thing did my father see when we got out of the car. After a short pause Charles said, “I’m getting a crab. But it is some strange crab and there are lots of them. I think they are fighting since I’m seeing a claw.” In real life my father called me over and said look at these crabs doing their calisthenics. There were hundreds of small fiddler crabs raising their large claw in unison as a mating ritual. I’m certain this was something no one else knew since it was a quirky little thing we never spoke of again. Next were two more control questions about the trip and Charles (with Dad’s help) nailed them really well.

He said the goal for this visit was to help my mother release some of the guilt and start the mourning process. He felt badly that he had lost their wedding band 50 years ago and my father wanted me to get a wedding band and give it to my mother since their anniversary was coming up that week. When I asked Charles to describe how my father lost his wedding band (back in the 1950s) it came through with more detail than even I knew about. Later when I gave my mother the band she confirmed everything Charles said, “He lost it while throwing the football in the surf in Ocean City.”

Later I asked him (them) for advice on a new business venture my wife and I were in the middle of since it involved a major investment in a property downtown. Charles began laughing and saying that your father must have liked trains. He did have a Christmas train set but birding and gardening were his passions so I just took it as a signal that we did need to move the business out of the house. About two weeks later the business property we were looking at had some issues and we immediately found another one that was absolutely perfect. It was about 30 yards from an old railroad track.

There is no doubt that Charles is a very gifted medium and his talents have continued to develop. He has a sincere desire to help people and can communicate beyond the borders most of us see as everyday reality. I?m saddened by the people that don’t believe since they will be in for quite a shock when their time comes. As my father said just months before he passed, “This will be the millennium of the awakening.” In other words, he predicts that what many see as everyday life will be expanded way beyond what we see as reality. The only barriers are the willingness to learn and the limits of responsibility we must exercise so this knowledge is not used in a self-destructive manner.

Best wishes,
Richard LaMotte

I haven’t written a letter of this sort before, but then I haven’t experienced anything like talking with Charles Peden before. My telephone conversation with Charles was nothing short of amazing. He put me in touch with my father, who “passed over” 12 years ago.

The things Charles shared would have been impossible to stage. It was so moving that I asked him to spend time on the phone with my mother (89 years old) so she could experience the same connection with Dad, and their conversation was even more poignant.

Personal, private matters — like the fact that my father never actually proposed formally to my Mom — came up (Dad said he was sorry he didn’t do that the right way). He described the formal she wore the first time they went dancing. Charles even got a sense of a ripping or tearing sensation in Dad’s legs which zeroed in on a surgery he had — a vein stripping. Suffice it to say, I am convinced he has a profound gift.

Kind regards,
Christy C. – Portland, Oregon

To Whom It May Concern:

Charles Peden and I met approximately after I had spoken with his beautiful wife about a belief we shared in the existence of dimensional beings. Charles was said to be communicating with energies that had transcended the “Dimension of Humankind”, or in short, spirits. To my knowledge, Charles was born with these remarkable abilities that were suppressed as a child and then triggered by a later life event.

I will not bore you with why I believed this possible but this same day Charles and I shared some digital photographs. In an instant we knew that these photos were not of dust particles, moisture or errant lighting. I had indeed seen this type of apparition close up and personal without the aid of a camera or other artificial means. I listened intently as Charles described in detail the spirits that he communicated with that were traveling disguised as orbs.

This was the beginning of the walk we have made together on our similar paths for approximately one year. We have grown much on this journey and Charles never ceases to amaze me with his ever broadening talent. He has worked on a weekly basis in the store as a medium for many who have needed a final good bye or one last, ?I love you?. To some this may not be the final definition of mediumship, but for others it has meant the world. Charles continues to cultivate his talents and recently has developed the ability to speak telepathically with pets, dead and alive.

He is clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient and conjures smells from the other side that aide him in delivering very special messages. Clairsentients can sense energy and spirit and by this knows what a spirit needs to convey. Clairvoyants are of course psychics who have the ability to see images or messages in their mind’s eye of the future, the past and spirit. Clairaudients hear the information from spirit and relay it as deciphered messages. Charles can be described as all rolled into one and is a skillful medium when making sense of these events or situations in some lives that otherwise may be difficult to interpret.

Ron Cordes
A FaeryTale
501 First Street
Benicia, Ca 94510

To Whom It May Concern:

Charles is a very professional medium that was able to confirm a crime that had happened to someone very close in my family. He described the place that it happened, the victims and the person who committed the murder to the last detail. I would gladly refer him to any criminal investigator that needs help from a different perspective.

-Wendi Glaser
Benicia, CA

To whom it may concern,

For my entire adult life, I held the position that there was “no such thing” as ghosts. I simply had no room in my reality for “the other side.” Until my son Charles Peden started talking with spirits, that is. Now I am a firm believer. I am in awe of Charles’s ability to communicate with spirits–whether earth-bound, crossed-over, or heavenly–including the spirits of animals both living and passed on.

When Charles first told me a little over a year ago (January 2006) that he was talking with a ghost, I quite frankly didn’t know what to think. I did my best to stay open-minded, and the more he talked about it, his and his wife’s conviction–coupled with the wealth of details he spoke of–made me realize there had to be something to it. Accepting that it was “real” took on a completely new dimension, however, when he told me on the phone one day that my mom–who died about 15 years ago–was with him, and wanted to talk to me!

I didn’t know then that it was customary to ask a spirit “test” questions that only you and they would know the answer to, but my mother brought up a couple of things from my childhood that I’m certain Charles could not have known about: the violets that I dug up in the woods and planted in her garden, and my dad’s fondness for the breakfast cereal Rice Krispies. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was my mom communicating with me through my son. It was an incredible and very emotional experience.

Thanks to my son, my formerly troubled relationship with my mother has been healed, which has helped me in many ways. One of the most wonderful aspects of Charles’s awakening of psychic powers is his commitment to using them to help people–both those still living, and those no longer in body–in whatever way he can.

It still amazes me that Charles can take an object such as a ring, and tell the history of the people involved with it. Or assist a spirit who is caught between worlds to cross over to the other side. Or have a 2-sided conversation with an animal. But he can do all that, and more, and it appears, as time goes on, that his abilities keep getting stronger and broader in scope.

I am very proud of my son and his desire to utilize his psychic mediumship in service to those in need. Anyone who is skeptical should have a “reading”–I would be very surprised if it did not make a believer out of them, too!

In all sincerity,

Lalita Karst

To whom it may concern,

My name is Jonathan Ortiz. I am your everyday, ordinary, small town resident. I own a small retail store, work there nearly every weekday, enjoying barbeques and family on the weekends. I like to think that I am pretty well prepared for whatever might happen. I don?t indulge much in extraordinary activities or ?believe? in things that I can not explain- to be quite honest, in a word, one might describe me as pretty boring. However, my reason for writing is to briefly share my experience with Charles Peden and express my sincere support and/or belief in his abilities.

I have long considered myself to be a skeptic of the supernatural. Then, in October of 2006, I hired Charles to provide his services to my customers during that month?s special event. I had met him through his wife who had already been a customer of mine and happened to mention him in one of our conversations during one of her prior visits. In any event, Charles came and provided a connection for several of my clients to many of their past loved ones. His link to these individuals is something which I can not understand and, honestly wasn?t expecting. Yet, it definitely was there. Charles provided details about each individual (spirit) that only one who either knew them in life or was actually communing with them then could have known. He was able to answer questions and present information that was previously known only to the families of the deceased. Both my clients that night and myself left feeling inspired, awed and excited by the time that we had shared with previously ?lost? loved ones- which was only possible through Charles and his miraculous gift.

There are many times that we encounter things in life which we can not understand or begin to explain. However to experience such things in spite of our up to then understandings, is to become a believer yourself. I am still an ordinary man, and still live an ordinary life; yet, having experienced the extra-ordinary (through Charles Peden) I now consider myself a believer in even those things that I still do not understand.

P. Jonathan Ortiz

To whom it may concern,

It all began quite innocently. For my entire life I have lived in a Chicago suburb and just blocks from Lake Michigan. For as long as I can remember I loved going to the beach and collecting beach glass. When I was little it was something to do that was both fun and relaxing. As an adult I find it to be a sure fire way to relieve stress.

Over the years I have collected lots and lots of beach glass. I fill a bowl with some and keep it on a coffee table. I have jars filled to the brim, each jar filled with a different color. I put some in a glass and plunk a votive candle in the middle. I have even attempted to make simple jewelry.

More and more home magazines are featuring articles about sea glass collectors and jewelry makers. There are sea glass festivals, books about sea glass, and an official North American Sea Glass Association has been founded.

There are a gazillion web sites about some aspect of sea glass from private jewelry designers to sites on ebay selling sea glass in bulk. There is even fake sea glass, sometimes being sold fraudulently, passing it off as the real thing.

Christmas ornaments can be made from it, mosaics, kitchen and bathroom tiles, and coasters. You can drill holes in it yourself or have a sea glass drilling service drill them for you. Then there are even more things you can do with it.

One day while poking around on the internet I typed in “jewelry made from sea glass”. I wanted to see what was being created by all the different jewelry designers.

That’s when I came across By the Bay Treasures and Charles Peden, jewelry designer and sea glass collector. I was fascinated by his website. He did so many different creative things with glass he collected from the beaches near San Francisco. Here was a guy who was so into it he would rappel down cliffs to reach a secluded beach.

I liked him immediately. On his web site he talked about By the Bay Treasures being a family thing. How he and his wife and two young daughters would all go together in search of sea glass. As a family. It was so normal sounding. They appeared to be a perfectly normal family. An All American family. He was the breadwinner and she was an at home Mom. They had a beautiful seven year old and a brand new infant. Life looked good. Good and normal.

They lived in the historic town of Benicia, CA in a beautiful condo with a view of the water for them and a pool for the kids. So normal. They had lots of friends and had family in nearby Santa Cruz. Life was good. Life was normal.

I read about the sea glass drilling service Charles offered and emailed him asking for more info on the cost and the shipping procedure. Should I send my glass or buy some of his, or could I do both.

And here is when it all stopped making sense. Charles promptly answered my questions and later I came up with more. And he promptly answered those. In my emails I started saying “Say hi to your wife Heidi for me” or “How is Heidi feeling?” or “How many days until the new baby is due?” And within a few months Charles and Heidi and I became friends. Good friends. I am old enough to be their mother and young enough to be their friend. So here is this growing friendship between three people who had never met in person, yet it felt like we had known each other forever.

Then one day Charles emails me and jams a stick in the spokes of our seemingly normal lives. He asks ?Chris……do you believe in Spirits? As in Spirits of people who have died.”

I answered, “Yep, sure do. Why are you asking me this?”

He answered, “Because I think we have one staying with us. Her name is Isabelle and she was born in 1878.”

So much for normal. I said, “Huh?”

He said, “I can feel her. She was murdered and last night I experienced her death.” And he went on filling me in with more details. I was fascinated.

I said, “I had no idea you had this ability!”

He responded, “Neither did I. This just started happening very recently.”

The next day he emailed me and said ?She was here again last night. We took pictures and you can see the orbs. I’ll forward them to you. Tell me what you think.?

And sure enough. I downloaded the file and there were several pictures. Very interesting pictures. One was a picture of Heidi sitting on the couch, staring blankly at either the wall or the TV. She looked like she hadn’t slept in days. To her right, on the arm of the couch was an orb. It was Isabelle and I could see her face in the orb. This was a first for me.

The next picture was another one of Heidi on the couch, staring blankly at the wall/TV. In her lap was little Maya, staring intently at the ceiling. Up around the ceiling were wispy, bright white streams of fuzzy light. A lot of them. Charles had added the note “This is a picture of a psychic hurricane that Isabelle created just to get a rise out of us.”

The next picture was of Charles. He was sitting in a chair with his hands facing up and resting on his knees. He had a very strange expression on his face and it looked like his eyeballs were rolling up in his head. His mouth was hanging half open. He looked screwy. Not normal. Charles added the note: “This is me channeling Isabelle. See the other orbs ? One on the mirror and one right behind me, over my right shoulder.” That’s not normal.

A few days later I received another email. This time he told me there were several Spirits staying with them now. It was getting too “crowded” and Heidi was becoming more and more uneasy and just wanted things to be “normal” again.

Isabelle moved in almost on a full time basis. Charles spent hours researching all the facts Isabelle had “told” him, trying to verify her existence and her story. I had the feeling that he better get that information soon……before Heidi had her bags packed.

Soon he had gathered all the info and it all matched up. What Isabelle had told him could all be verified through Benicia ‘s historical records. All of it. Every single word. This was amazing.

Heidi and Charles continued to have a revolving door filled with various “Spirit Friends” coming and going. Each one telling Charles their bizarre stories.

With every passing day Charles’ psychic and medium abilities grew bigger and better. Almost everyday they would call and tell me all about whatever had occurred the night before. There were some incredible things happening to them and around them and through them……almost around the clock.

Heidi handled it the best she could. Better than I would have handled it. Charles would go out for the day in his Kayak to collect sea glass to make money to keep a roof over their heads. Heidi would stay home to take care of the girls and deal the best she could with spirits who were hanging out at their place. Almost every time Charles would come home he would be accompanied by a few wayward ghosts who had met him while he was at the beach. Often there would be a ghost who needed help in crossing over.

Within days Charles discovered he had the ability to help people cross over to the other side where they belonged.

A week or so later he called to tell me that now when he walks down the street and sees someone he can see their dead relatives hovering around the person and he could tell what the person was experiencing in his job or in his home.

His gift just continued to blossom. Every day there would be some new development. The big one for me was one night Charles called and said my Dad, who had passed on two years ago was at Charles and Heidi’s and wants to talk to me. I never doubted Charles for even a split second. I just went with it. Within 10 seconds my Dad told Charles something that only my Dad and I knew about. I asked Charles to ask my Dad who, if anyone, was with him. Charles said, “He’s with his sister Ellen.” Something else that Charles had no way of knowing about. Since that first connection with my Father, Charles has called me several times to tell me that my Dad was there and needed to talk to me. And sometimes my Dad just shows up at Charles and Heidi’s just to hang out with Charles.

One night Charles and I were on the phone and talking about how incredible this whole thing is and how quickly it is progressing. And how accurate he has been almost 100% of the time. So I asked him to tell me what he sees or feels is going on around me right at that moment. Keep in mind that Charles has never been in my house and we are talking on the phone thousands of miles apart. He started to pick up on my cat and my cat was telling him how he came to us as a stray, where he had come from and who he lived with and why he left and found me. Charles then described what my cat looks like and how old he is and he was 100% accurate.

This was Charles’ first experience communicating with a living animal. A few days later I asked him to tell me everything he sees or feels about one of my dogs. Charles described what the dog looked like, his age and he said the dog was experiencing a problem with his eyes and that it was very painful. Earlier that day I had taken him to the vet and was diagnosed with a degenerative condition in both eyes. He had ulcers on both corneas and the vet said he didn’t know of a more painful condition. Again Charles had hit it right on the head.

Recently I had been considering a change in my career and asked Charles what he saw or felt about it. He said he saw me teaching the class I had hoped to teach and he saw me teaching it in a dance studio. At the time I had not put anything together for the teaching and I didn’t know of anyone who had a connection with a dance studio. A week later I began taking a class with six other women I had never met before. After the class we walked to our cars and I started talking with one of the women from the class. I mentioned that I was hoping to begin teaching a class of my own soon and was looking for a place to hold the class. I said I would let her know when and where it would be held and maybe she would be interested in taking it. She said she had a better idea. She told me she was part owner of a new dance studio and would I consider teaching my class in her dance studio. I said I would love to. To Charles I say thank you…….another job well done.

Chris Graf
Wilmette, IL

Hi Charles,

I just want to let you know you how totally astounded I was when a few nights ago, while we were chatting, you said that something was “coming through.” It’s truly amazing to me, that the soul “who was coming through to you” was and is very dear to us. She left this planet only 2 weeks before. You and I really don’t know each other that well so you know few details about my personal life. Thanks for being the bridge. You have a remarkable gift.


– Hawaii