A close encounter with a wild greater earless lizard while hiking the pima canyon trail and more …

by | Sep 3, 2017 | Animal Communication

After several years of communicating with domestic animals and on the rare occasion wild animals in trouble, it dawned on me that it would be fun to go out into the “field” so to speak and to simply play with these abilities.

On April 22nd of 2017 I encountered a female desert spiny lizard in our backyard. I wanted to get in close with my smart phone to get a good photo of her and I simply informed her of my intentions through telepathy. To my surprise she responded and posed for me. Now, several months later, she has her own Facebook page. Mystique as she is known and her friend Ivy are now regular friends and come out to see me when I go into the yard.

Wanting to expand my connections I encountered a desert cottontail rabbit while out trail running the Linda Vista trail and when I asked the rabbit to stop, he did. Then I asked the rabbit to come to me, and he turned around and deliberately walked back to where I was about twenty-five feet from where he had stopped, then he continued past me, coming to within three feet of me.

In the video at the top, I had just encountered a greater earless lizard while hiking the Pima Canyon trail just north of Tucson, Arizona. I went to get a photo and was surprised that he was extremely receptive to my contacting him. Just like humans, animals all have different personalities and his just happened to be very outgoing. So much fun! No food or water was utilized to entice him, that’s all him.

Below is a photo of a Gila monster that I encountered while hiking in Pima Canyon. I asked him to do me a favor, I saw him scurrying off through the brush and had no shot. I asked him to stop and to turn around, I wanted him to climb up and pose on a rock that was to the left of him. Moments after I put the request out there, he responded by climbing up and positioning himself in a wonderful way for an extended photo shoot.

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Received via email November 3, 2018

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