Lost Animals

Communicating with animals regarding their favorite memories, likes, dislikes, health needs and more is wonderful, and if that can be done, can’t those that have gone missing or have become lost, be communicated with in a similar manner? The answer is “Yes!” Missing and lost animals are guided home, people are led to them and many find closure. Not every missing animal will be responsive, but many are. Often recovery is not possible, or the animal has found themselves in a situation that they are happy with and sometimes the missing or lost animal will respond – yet not reveal what has happened. Every case is unique, in nearly all cases contact with the missing party will be facilitated, many outcomes are possible and fortunately even with all the challenges present, there are enough joyful reunions and connections facilitating closure brought forward to offer this unique service.

In order to make this service more accessible, there is a thirty minute consultation or a sixty minute option, both are available over the phone or Skype. Due to the urgent nature of requests for this service, a priority has been made for scheduling as soon as possible, however to ensure even quicker service, (within 48 hours) you will want to purchase rush service. If your animal companion/pet has gone missing recently and time is of the essence, please be sure to employ traditional techniques to recover them in addition to securing this type of service.

Working a missing or lost animal case presents a unique set of problems, pets that have gone missing tend to be highly stressed. For this and many other reasons – refunds are not offered if you are unhappy with the results. Just as with tracking dogs being brought out in person, there is no guarantee of results – however you still pay for the time spent in working your case.

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The details that a missing animal can provide are pretty incredible. Milo the dog in the pictures and news story here, had gotten himself into some trouble. When I connected with him the first thing Milo did was to describe himself and his age. All I had to work with was his name and somewhere in or near Chicago, I also knew that his human companion had lost him while on a bridge and in the act of stopping a person from jumping.

Milo clarified what kind of bridge it was (over a railroad and not water) and then proceeded to take me on a (telepathic) tour of the locations he had been – ending up in a parking garage where his leash was jammed under the tires of a vehicle that he described as a cross between a sedan and a SUV with black and green company lettering on a white background.

He was found several minutes later in a parking garage, with his leash jammed under one of the tires of a white Enterprise minivan. Milo’s story is just one of many happy reunions. A few months later I was doing readings in Chicago and had the opportunity to meet him.

Once it has been determined that your animal is alive and cooperating, it is time to find them. I will ask them to describe the type of location they are in. Is it residential, commercial or industrial? Are there locations nearby that have distinctive smells or sounds associated with them? In several cases, they have given me the name of a city, town or street.

If your animal is on the move, and I can determine the direction that they are heading in, you may be able to get in front of them and make recovery fairly easy.

Should your animal prove to be difficult to connect with, I can always reach out to others connected to you who are in spirit (both human and animal.) Also it may be possible to obtain information from your other living animal companions.

Working with an animal communicator should not be your only means of trying to find your animal. Please follow through on all of the traditional ways to find a missing pet, as well as utilizing the services of a psychic pet detective.

October, 12th 2017

I contacted Charles again last week when our Russian blue cat had been missing for 5 days. Charles easily established communication with Sasha. His telepathic vision of the locale was exact in every way. He mentioned abandoned vehicles on the property [check]; a large boulder [check], and then identified the same property on the map. In closing, Charles told Sasha to come home. I was stunned when I hung up the phone with Charles, went out to walk the dog – and there was Sasha sitting on the wood pile! Charles’ gift is powerful and authentic.

Deborah B.

Barre, VT

From an email titled “OMG We found him!!!” dated February, 19th 2012.

Charles, we found him! On 8th street, off of Broadway and Rosemont! After I last emailed you Tessa and I took showers, ate and basically regrouped. We Googled “Sand and Gravel Tucson” and found a roofer on the map on 8th, about 2 miles from where we live. There is a Macaroni Grill on the corner of Broadway and Rosemont. Not far for a dogs nose! He was camped out beside the roofers house near a hose with a slow drip. He could have probably stayed there for a while unseen. He was safe with a water source and some cover form the elements. Hence, the lack of urgency. His feet are raw from travel on gravel but he is basically ok and SO happy to be home.

Basically, we drove right to him and picked him up. That moment of Tessa exclaiming, “There he is!” will go down as a defining moment in my life. It was like a dream. Crazy! I actually dreamt of finding him 3 times the first night he was gone but kept realizing it was a dream after finding him. But now here he is!

You nailed it dude. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love you!

Larry and Tessa ~ Tucson, Arizona

When you book your session, select the One Hour Missing Animal Package which usually will provide enough time to confirm a connection with the missing animal, the status of their health, what happened and most importantly where they are.

Due to the unique nature of missing animal consultations, refunds for a failure to connect are not offered.

Please tell me only your animal’s name, species, and how long they have been missing. Do not volunteer details. I will look to bring forward specific details regarding your animal’s physical appearance, personality, past behaviors, age, living arrangements, how they went missing, etc. Once we confirm a connection through these details, the process of determining what happened and where they are begins.

I may ask a few very simply questions before getting started. Please allow me to guide you through the process that I have found to be most effective in bringing about a recovery or closure.

Prior to confirming a connection, I request that your responses are a simple yes or no. Once the connection is verified, communication with the missing party usually becomes very conversational.

If your animal does not wish to be located, it can be a real challenge to obtain any valuable information. However, the vast majority of our loved ones who go missing are grateful for any assistance that we can provide to bring them home.

I contacted Charles on Sunday, September 18, 2011, after our cat Silky had been missing more than 35 days. We weren’t sure if she was still alive, and had all but given up hope of seeing her again. Charles’ first impressions were that our cat was still alive, and he saw box-type trucks nearby.

I asked Charles if he could connect with my other beloved cat, Pollyanna, whom had died on August 13, 2011 and ask her about Silky. Charles instantly picked up Pollyanna’s energy. Pollyanna informed him that Silky was alive and seemed to be moving to and fro in a confined area. I told Charles that a canal runs behind my house and it continues right behind a U-Haul truck business. Charles felt Silky was near that business.

Indeed she was! Trapped in the canal, unable to escape over the 20 foot tall cement walls on both sides. We placed a trap in the canal, and after 38 days and a strong will to live, we got our Silky back. Thanks to Charles’ God-given abilities to connect to all animals living or passed on, we now have our Silky back home.

Our family highly recommends Charles for any needs you may have regarding animals. He is a kind and compassionate gentleman.

Mr. and Mrs Peck, Concord, CA

It is helpful for you to remain as calm as possible at this time. Your animal has a telepathic bond with you and is aware of what you are going through, and what you are doing for them. The more reassuring and supportive you are, the easier it is for them.

The information that I receive varies from animal to animal; some are better at communication than others. Images, physical sensations, sounds, emotional feelings, smells and more may be received during a telepathic communication with a missing animal.

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