I live in another country, can you still communicate with my animals?

Yes, no matter where you live in the world, as long as you have access to a phone or the Internet, I can chat with your animals and loved ones.

Can you communicate with live animals too, or only those who are in spirit?

I can communicate with all forms of life, all species both living and passed.

Do you channel humans in spirit, or just animals?

Human or animal makes no difference to me; spirit is spirit. Yes, I do communicate with your ancestors and loved ones in spirit.

Do you require anything such as a photograph, personal artifact or similar in order to make a connection?

I require only the name of the individual being reached out to, and the primary reason for making contact. After reaching out to them I will then look to describe various details about them to confirm a connection, such as: age, appearance, personality, manner of passing (if deceased), career, hobbies, favorite activities, and so on.

Can I communicate with my animals and loved ones telepathically like you do?

Yes, we are all capable of learning to communicate as I do. You already are sending messages to your loved ones in spirit as they can hear you and see you without requiring my assistance. The tricky part is hearing their replies and feeling that they are still present. I am happy to coach you privately or you can attend one of my group workshops or classes.

If I move, will the spirits of my loved ones know where to find me?

Yes, your loved ones in spirit can hear you and see you. If you move, they will follow you.