Ancestors & Loved Ones

Communication with the spirits of our ancestors, loved ones and spirit guides is possible. Should you simply be seeking closure, wish to check in on a departed family member or you just want to work with your spirit guides, Charles Peden is capable of facilitating your connections.

Reasons to connect with departed family other than the obvious “How are you doing?” run from connecting on special occasions to solving old family mysteries. When seeking to connect with a deceased family member or friend, bear in mind that others may stop by, not just those that you wish to contact. The process is fairly simple: no photographs, personal effects or information other than the name of the person is required.

Charles Peden's maternal grandparents

Charles’s maternal grandparents

To confirm a connection, Charles will describe the individual coming through to you. Many times full physical descriptions brought forward will contain color and style of hair, age at time of passing, eye color, posture, teeth, unusual markings or blemishes or features they were very proud of. Other details may include manner of passing, type of work, favorite activities and more.


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