Halloween plans for 2019 – a séance online via video chat

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When I first came into my abilities as a medium, one of the few things I knew a little about through pop culture was the conducting of a séance. The usual arrangement, (at least during the 1860’s forward to near present) involves a group of individuals pooling their energy together while one acts as a “channel” for the spirits of the departed, bringing forth messages from passed loved ones.

Not once did I attend or facilitate a séance prior to my own “awakening” as a psychic medium and animal communicator. I had only read about such paranormal things, and or seen them portrayed in movies and on TV, not once, as a child or a young adult did I believe them to be real.

Life has a funny habit of making a mockery of you, just when I thought I had “it” figured out, a ghost appeared in my home and shook me to my core. What happened next was a super rapid unfolding of my abilities to communicate with those in spirit and living animals.

Very quickly it was clear that distance was no more an obstacle to telepathic communication than it was a barrier to a phone call. Those in spirit travel at or near the speed of light.

A few years ago I was conducting a group reading/séance and I “saw” an individual who appeared extremely macabre, I saw horrific wounds on the face and hands, various scars, gaping wounds and more. At first I was a bit surprised at what I was looking at, I then saw the injuries disappear and various masks and other items removed from the individuals to make them whole again. As it turned out a special effects make up artist who used to work in Hollywood was a relative of one of the people at the seance. What a fitting connection for Halloween.

You can expect any number of individuals to show up at a séance, humans in spirit of course, animals in spirit and even living animals may pop in. On occasion an individual will appear during a seance or group reading, whom nearly everyone knows. It is not unheard of to have the occasional visit from a celebrity who may have a fan in the group, however most of the time we simply hear from passed loved ones and living animals.

This Halloween, October, 31st 2019 I am hosting and facilitating a séance or group reading online – worldwide. The seance is limited to twenty guests and I will be holding two of them, each an hour and a half long. Tickets at the time of writing this post are still available for both events and you can sign up for one or both of them.

The venue is the comfort of your home, you pick the room and there is no dress code. I may or may not appear in some sort of cape and top hat. You will be logging into your computer or some other internet connected device and joining a virtual room filled with people from around the globe who are all anxiously awaiting to hear from their loved ones.

I really can’t think of any reason to consider today’s seance’s to be spooky or creepy in any way. In the past, yes, I am positive that many a séance was not only creepy and spooky, but down right disturbing and scary. In the past many “mediums” (as today) are frauds and lacking any real contact with the dead, are prone to theatrics to compensate for their lack of any real substance coming from past loved ones.

All manner of tricky and deception were employed, table tipping, knocking, bugles playing. Assistants dressed as the departed, hidden trap doors and walls with doors in them, Mood lighting, often very dark and even mists or fogs produced with the aid of dry ice to further enhance the hoax.

There may be a time and place for the Hollywood version of a séance, however what we are going to experience will be the real thing. There may be goose bump inducing moments, you may have the hair on the back of your neck and or your arms go up, yes that is possible. What will most likely occur during our séance is that several individuals will make heart felt connections with loved ones in spirit, and perhaps even living animals. You can expect very detailed and specific information that does not require mental gymnastics to make sense of.

During a recent reading I had a client ask what the meaning of seeing a horse was. The person had never had a horse and did not know anyone who had a horse that fit the description I was providing to them. I informed them that the horse was not a metaphor or anything complicated like that, rather it was an actual reference to a very real flesh and blood horse. Later during the call the horse was identified and it all made sense. As someone on the outside of your life, looking in, I am dependent upon you being able to figure out what I am “seeing” during a reading.

So, back to what to expect during a reading with a genuine, authentic, real psychic medium and animal communicator. You can expect tears of joy, happy reunions, messages from long lost loved ones and a sense of closure and even wonderment at what is real and possible. As one individual said recently after a reading, “The magic is real!” yes, it truly is.

Below are links to sign up for Séance 2019 with myself on Gotomeeting. After signing up you will receive an email with log in information. You will not be on video, however, your host, psychic medium and animal communicator – Charles Peden will. In the past we tried having everyone on camera, but it became distracting, and it was also hard on the introverts among us.




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