How to prepare for a reading and what to expect

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Preparing for a reading is simple. Simply think about who it is that you wish to connect with. It may help to write down a list of the individuals you wish to contact and the questions that you have for them.

Both Animals living and past may be contacted as well as human loved ones in spirit. On occasion a reference to a living person will be made, it is a marker to identify who is coming through, or they have a message for that person, or you recently had contact with that individual or thought of contacting them. Context is not always clear right away and may take a moment to come into focus.

Yes, you may record the reading, at the very least you are encourage to take detailed notes.

There is no need to provide any information other than the following details:

  1. Name/s of individuals to be contacted.
  2. Type of animal, i.e. species such as dog, cat, horse etc.
  3. Please include notes as to who is living and who is past. If reaching out to a past animal or human, please indicate time since passing, no need to provide exact time and date.
  4. The primary reason for contacting an individual.

Once it is clear as to who we are reaching out to, I will begin by audibly calling out to the individuals on your list and requesting that they present details that match information about them, such as length of coat, size, age, manner of passing, favorite treats, toys, memories and perhaps much more. At this time I will request that you only respond with a simple yes or no response and no further details unless instructed otherwise. Fairly frequently those that have seniority in spirit, or who have really outgoing personalities will come through first. If I happen to describe someone other than your primary objects and living or past you recognize them, simply give me their name and I will dismiss them unless you specify otherwise. Once a few details have been verified then the connection becomes very conversational in approach.

On a rare occasion details will come through that you simply cannot verify right away. Frequently these will be things that you thought of, were recently involved with, are connected to some form of entertainment such as a video game, book, movie or TV show etc. Very rarely the details I am bringing through are simply impossible to verify at the time because what is being described simply has not yet taken place.

For example, a client had a reading that took place on July, 1st of 2017 and during the reading to make contact with a past dog, a reference to my client eating a super hot burger came through. I saw my client biting into a burger where the patty had been filled with freshly chopped hot peppers. I saw it being very uncomfortable for my client and he had been caught off guard by the burgers heat. My client indicated that he had no recollection of such an event taking place. I simply told him to make a note of it and we moved on.

A few weeks later my client had a second reading. At the beginning my client shared what had happened to him since we had last spoken. His next door neighbor had invited him over for a barbecue on the fourth of July. My client accepted the invite, at the barbecue he bit into a burger that set his mouth on fire. His neighbor had chopped up fresh jalapeno peppers and mixed them into the patties before grilling. She never warned my client and now he had a fire in his mouth.

I asked the dog in spirit how he knew about it. The dog simply said that he had read the mind of the neighbor and knew what she was planning. The dog was able to figure out that dad was going to say yes most likely to the invite and the dog knew that dad preferred burgers to other options. Lastly the dog knew what kind of burgers the neighbor was planning and that she would most likely neglect to share what was in them, waiting for my client to try a bite first and then comment on them.

Another time a cat that my client did not yet have came through. Two weeks later my client took home the cat that I had described.

Animals that are about to be adopted frequently come through, as do animals that you may have helped briefly at one time.

All animals and human spirits communicate in similar yet different ways, just like us living humans do. Audible messages are not easy to relay, pictures, feelings, both physical and emotional are fairly easily relayed. Smells, tastes and more can also come through during a reading.

When reaching out soon after a passing, (within the first four weeks) contact may be challenging. Each individual acclimates at a different speed. Some of the factors effecting how quickly they get acclimated, would be manner of passing, time elapsed, your reaction, your current state of mind, etc.

Should there be any difficulty in establishing a connection, a second attempt will be scheduled for a few weeks out for no additional fee. Nearly every time your loved one will make a strong appearance in a second attempt, after failing to make a connection when reaching out too soon after ones passing.

The vast majority of readings are successful with very detailed information coming through from your loved ones in spirit and even your living animals.

Subjects Frequently Covered During Readings with the Spirits of our Animal Companions

  • Confirmation of a life for the spirit after death.
  • What techniques your loved one is using to reach out to you.
  • Where your loved ones spirit is at this moment.
  • Favorite memories, activities, toys, treats, etc.
  • What to do in their honor.
  • Are they feeling okay now, physically and emotionally?
  • Are they okay with bringing a new animal into the home?
  • Who greeted you? and who are you with?
  • And much more.

Frequent Topics of Conversation with Living Animals

  • Are you happy?
  • Do you need more of anything? Less of anything?
  • Is there something you want that you are not getting at all?
    Are you in good health? If not, what is bothering you and how can we help you feel better?
  • If in very poor health and facing difficult choices regarding possibly euthanasia, is it time yet? or do you wish to continue staying here in the physical form? If not the right time yet, what should your family look for as a sign that you are ready to transition?
  • Working through behavioral issues/problems such as fear, aggression anxiety and more.
  • Questions regarding moves, new additions to the family and more.

Connections with the Spirits of Our Ancestors and Human Loved Ones

  • Touching base with loved ones in spirit, confirmation of life after death.
  • Requests for guidance with regard to our own lives and other loved ones who are still present.
  • Contact with our spirit guides.
  • Opportunity for closure with regard to past emotional scars and wounds.
  • Confirmation of our ancestors watching over us and helping out when needed.
  • Much, much more!

Satisfied Clients

"Charles is the real thing. I’ve had readings with others and was not able to connect. With Charles, he told us incredible things-things no one could know. He connected with our beloved dog, grandfather, great grandfather and family friend. Really amazing!"

Tammy Geerdts (Caledonia, Wisconsin)
Received via email November 3, 2018

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