MysticMag Interview: Communicate with the Spirits of Your Ancestors or Find a Lost Pet with Charles Peden

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Animal Communication

Charles Peden is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator who discovered his abilities by accident. Today, he was kind enough to sit down with the MysticMag team and discuss how that happened, the challenges he faces when helping in lost pet cases, helping people communicate with the spirits of their loved ones, his online classes and workshops, and more. Enjoy!

What inspired you to become an Animal Communicator and what was your journey to becoming one like?

Discovering the ability to communicate with animals inspired me to become an animal communicator. I had no idea that animal communicators existed, or that such a thing was possible. I discovered the ability to communicate with animals by accident. At first, it was just animals in spirit. I was working with a client in person very early in my career as a psychic medium and the client had requested contact with a human loved one in spirit. At the beginning of the reading I “saw” a German Shepard and described the dog in detail to my client, she got excited and informed me that it was her sister’s dog in spirit. Her sister was in the store and on the way over she had wondered aloud as to if her dog in spirit would come through. I made contact with passed animals weeks after discovering the ability to communicate with humans in spirit. It wasn’t until I had been doing readings for five months that I had a living animal come through during a reading. In this reading, I was working with a client halfway across the country over the phone. I was in California; she was in Illinois. I knew nothing about her animals past or present. I was channeling her father in spirit when I “saw” a cat.

I described the cat to her and she confirmed all the details. The only thing that was tripping me up was that in the past all the animals coming through during a reading were confirmed as being in spirit, the animals would describe their illnesses or other causes of passing to help establish their identity, in this case, I had no such information coming through. My client then informed me that was because he was on her lap, which momentarily confused me even further and I replied that while I could tell that his spirit was close to her, I was still at a loss as to how he arrived in that state to which my client then said, “he’s alive” and very much present, purring on my lap. The cat had described how they met, his relationship with her, his likes, dislikes, etc., I was just shocked that he was talking.

After the reading, I contacted an acquaintance of mine in Texas. I had never been to their ranch, and I knew nothing about her animals. I knew her through my time in the world of sea glass and reached out to her when I had a ghost appear in my home. I informed her of this latest development, that I could communicate with live animals. She asked me how one of her dogs was doing. I described the breed and an injury that the dog told me he had sustained earlier that morning while roughhousing with the other dogs. My friend had no knowledge of it but confirmed the breed. Upon inspection, she found the wound I was describing to her.

So rather than seek out the ability to communicate with animals both living and passed, I was in a position where I had suddenly fallen into an ability that most only associated with fictional books and movies. Once I realized what I was capable of, it felt wrong not to utilize it, and to help others in the process, especially those who are traditionally considered voiceless. Now I work with animals on a daily basis and find myself doing everything including end-of-life consultations, health concerns, behavioral concerns, questions regarding bringing new family members into the home, such as other animals and of course questions regarding treats, activities, and essentially anything you can imagine that you would communicate with another family member about.

How can you help with lost pet cases?

Working missing animal cases can be incredibly challenging, however, the reward is so big, (often saving a life) that it is something I feel I must provide as a service. A few of the challenges:

  • Your animal is connected to you telepathically while living or deceased and as such they know where you are looking for them. If they are avoiding returning for any reason, it will most likely be the same as asking a troubled teenager who has snuck out for the night to return;
  • If passed, your animal may not want your final image of them to be one that is unpleasant. Not just because you will be adversely affected by it, but they will too, for every time you picture them like that in your mind, you are bringing them right back to that experience due to the telepathic bond between you;
  • In many cases physical closure is impossible, predators and other situations may make a recovery something that simply will not occur. In those cases, very detailed memories of your life together and other details will be brought forward to verify their identity. In some cases, recovery is made of a body or some other tangible object such as a collar or similar.

I have assisted in dozens of recoveries of living animals over the years and have made the news, including TV, on more than one occasion. The animals will describe themselves to me, unique details that are not public. They often share how they went missing and where from, and then they may describe physical landmarks that if followed lead right to them. Sometimes it’s as easy as driving right to them and getting out and putting them in the car, other times it has taken a few rounds of negotiating to bring them in. Every single missing animal case is unique. When they want to be found and can describe their location and are still living the results are an incredible homecoming.

As a Psychic Medium, you help people communicate with the spirits of their loved ones. Can you describe that process?

Today I was asked to connect with several spirits of human loved ones and ancestors. I simply asked for their first names. After reaching out to your loved ones, I will wait for a second to see who is responding or what it is that I have coming through. One of the individuals that came through today described the accident that killed them, their age, their occupation, and what they were going to be doing the day of the accident.

In a second reading, I described the physical appearance, favorite childhood memories with that individual, and many other details to confirm the connection. Current events in my clients’ lives were brought forward to show a continued interest and presence in my client’s lives, by their loved ones in spirit. Once the connection with an individual is confirmed, the connection becomes very conversational. Usually, I will act like a translator, however, on very rare occasions I will speak directly to you as the person who I am channeling.

I discovered my abilities to communicate with spirit on January 24th of 2006 at approximately 10:30 pm Pacific time. A ghost appeared in the home that my wife and I shared with our two young daughters. The next night she appeared again and revealed her identity to me. I Googled the information, and it came back as confirmed. What happened next was a rapid unfolding of my dormant abilities, suppressed since early in my childhood. At the end of January, she appeared. By May of that year, less than a full four months later, I was providing readings to the general public in the town of Benicia, California.

I was unfamiliar with everything paranormal and honestly thought that it was all hogwash. No one in my family, close or extended, was into Tarot cards or anything else related to the supernatural, paranormal, or new age. The lone exception was my mom and dad had an interest in astrology at one point, but it seemed to fade out when I was around 10 or 14.

How can you help with Ghosts & Paranormal Issues?

I can nearly always identify the individual/s and, if you wish for them to leave, I can be very successful in assisting them in transitioning or at the very least leaving you alone. I can also give you the tools needed to protect yourself from unwanted spirit contact. Usually, strangers do not haunt strangers. It can happen but is not common. Nearly every time I am reached out to regarding these matters, it is either a family member or a friend of the family.

What can people expect from your Online Classes & Workshops?

People who attend my classes etc. can expect to have the tools necessary to do what I do. I look at this not as a gift, but as a talent that I am gifted in. For example, nearly everyone can sing at some level. However, some of us will clear out a bar on karaoke night while some of us may be offered recording contracts by talent scouts. Either way, both will benefit from singing lessons and learning about music theory, etc., however not all of them will have albums that go platinum, and the person who would have been kicked out for singing so poorly in karaoke, may now actually sound halfway decent and at a minimum, not run the patrons out of the clubs.

Most people who take my courses will have the tools needed to do what I do as a psychic medium, but they may never rise to the level of providing such services to the public and yet may be able to tell when a passed loved one is coming around, who it is and any messages that they are trying to relay as well as developing some spirit guides for themselves and maybe discovering who has already been onboard as part of their spirit guide team.

What separates you from other Psychic Mediums?

Many psychic mediums sought out the abilities. I did not. Many are taught by human mentors who are physically present or at least were at the time that the medium developed their abilities. I instead was taught from the beginning by those in spirit. For the past 17 years, I have worked full-time as a psychic medium and animal communicator, as such I have plenty of experience working with numerous species, and various situations, involving both animals and humans.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey to connect with your loved ones in spirit human and animal and your living animal companions. I also am excited to pass along my knowledge regarding telepathic communication, life, death, and the universe.


Satisfied Clients

"Charles is the real thing. I’ve had readings with others and was not able to connect. With Charles, he told us incredible things-things no one could know. He connected with our beloved dog, grandfather, great grandfather and family friend. Really amazing!"

Tammy Geerdts (Caledonia, Wisconsin)
Received via email November 3, 2018

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