Osama bin Laden – Evil Incarnate or a Very Troubled Individual – a Psychic Medium’s Perspective

Last night I turned on the TV just in time to see the first 30 or so individuals showing up outside the gates to the White house to celebrate the death of one of the worlds most wanted men, Osama bin Laden.

As a psychic medium I am frequently asked about the consequences for our actions here on earth. People often ask me if there is a hell and what takes place when “bad” or “evil” people die.

The first individual who I contacted in order to determine what happens when a “bad” person dies was Saddam Hussein, a few weeks after his hanging in 2006 I made an attempt to contact him. After a few minutes he showed up in spirit, however he was under very close guard and had a limited amount of time to communicate. I “saw” a line of individuals that appeared to be so long as to stretch past the horizon and around the curvature of the earth.  As each individual came up to him, he experienced all of the emotions and physical sensations that he had been both directly and indirectly responsible for.

Saddam was going through his life review and from all appearances he would be at it for years. While a life review is not meant to punish you, but rather educate you on the effects of your actions, it was quite clear that he was not enjoying himself one little bit.

After witnessing Saddam going through his life review I reflected back on my life and realized that I would be held accountable for some teasing that I participated in back in 5th grade where I both physically and emotionally messed with a kid – in order to raise my own social standing.  I am not looking forward to going through that experience.


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