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by | Jul 15, 2015 | Animal Communication

This morning was spent with a difficult horse. I was in the pasture with him for at least an hour or more and spent most of the time working to keep my hand out of his mouth. The horse has several issues and yet was keeping valuable information from me for a variety of reasons. The horse’s person is/was at the end of their rope and only sought out my services as an animal communicator, (pet psychic) as a last resort. Very quickly it became clear to me that this horse was showing off how tough he was and how he was so superior. When walking him with a halter on, he tried to push me and lead me, while I kept trying to get him to go the direction that I wanted him to go, a battle of the wills.

Later after we had returned to the house and had left the horse in the pasture, he began to open up a bit more. The first time I made contact with the horse, (over the phone) he was very reluctant to connect with me, however his mother came through right away – describing her appearance and giving me her age. This horse while a champion in many ways, (trust me he has the ribbons to prove it) has been very difficult to work with since birth. Recently his inability to fit in and be a team player has gotten him pulled from a training program. Many professionals have been left scratching their heads when it comes to figuring him out and why he acts so mean and angry nearly all the time. The horse has one major physical issue, (turning to the right) however the vets are at a loss to explain why he is having problems with turning in that direction. He has gone through numerous tests and has even more tests lined up.

In many ways this should seem like an easy fix, get an animal communicator involved and simply ask the horse what the problem is. So here I was, sitting in the house after spending plenty of time in the field with the horse and feeling like I was running in circles. Not only does this horse have some kind of physical issue, he also has emotional/behavioral issues.

As he is a champion, and has demonstrated a high intelligence with regard to problem solving, (such as opening gates etc.) the suggestion by some, that he is soft in the head or mildly retarded does not make sense. Rather he appears to be almost too smart for his own good. Back to chatting with him at the house, with his person. So, feeling that he had been messing with me, I suggested that we step away from him and communicate from a distance – so as to remove the temptation to show off for his person.

I began by recounting some details that the horse had brought through during a quick phone consultation prior to my coming out in person. While confirmed, the details were simply not enough to convince either myself or his person that I was talking with him. I proposed that his person ask a series of simple yes/no response questions that only she and perhaps a few others – including the horse, would be able to answer. After receiving several very clear responses and each one being verified and confirmed, it became apparent that he was communicating quite well with me. After feeling that the connection was confirmed, I began asking questions that we did not know the answers to in advance. I was shown a small white mass that appeared to be attached to something like the spinal cord, it looked like a small cyst.

He was scheduled for an X-ray, however the horse indicated that a soft tissue imaging would be better, something such as an MRI or CAT-scan. He indicated that it was along his spine near the location where the head and neck connect, and more on the left side. Funny thing is that he has a microchip implanted at a location very near where indicated and of course it is small and white, but not connected to a white cord and is not soft tissue – which is what I saw.

The horse has in the past had a lot of pressure on him to perform. In addition he has already been singled out in the past as a champion. Any physical problem would be a liability for him and would make him potentially undesirable.


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Received via email November 3, 2018

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