What happens to an animal or human loved one when they die?

by | Sep 3, 2017 | Animal Communication, Notes on Past Readings

There is a wealth of material available on the subject of death and dying, much of it accurate, however when it comes to what happens to our loved ones after they die, that too is a subject with a wealth of information out there, sadly most of it is inaccurate. I am here to help to set the record straight.

  1. When you die, human or animal you have a near identical experience and are not in separate places.
  2. Humans are animals, we just don’t like to admit it, so as a result the spirit that drives your body is nearly identical to that of a spirit in an animal body.
  3. Bodies are simply vehicles for the spirit and the two are completely separate. Just like you and your car are totally different, yet when you are in it, you appear to an extent to become one with your vehicle, just like when in your body.
  4. There is no hell and no heaven. When we pass human or animal we find ourselves in the same exact location as where our death took place.
  5. The body, much like a car, works to shield you from some of your environment. You are limited in the scope of what you can see by the limitations of our physical body. When in a car you can only see what is visible through the windows, your sense of smell may be compromised if you have the windows up and you may not feel the outside weather because you are in your vehicle. Once you step out of your vehicle, you can see, hear and smell much more of your environment. The same is true of exiting a physical body. Some animals can see in infrared, some in ultraviolet and in white light. Us humans are limited to being able to see only white light with our eyes and we cannot hear or smell as well as a dog, however once out of the physical body all spirits can see, hear, and smell their environment exceedingly well with no filters. When passed a human can see in infrared, like a pit viper, and in ultraviolet, like a honeybee.
  6. As a pure energy form, our spirit and the spirits of our animal companions can travel from one end of the earth to the next with no difficulty. In fact it is possible for one to leave the planet, the solar system and even our galaxy.

Animals are creatures of habit, and consequently, so are we. After passing the majority of our loved ones will pick up their old routine to an extent, no sleeping, eating, potty breaks etc., but you get the idea. They continue to spend time with us, just like when they were alive. Now of course they are free to follow us to work, the gym, the movies and more, but it is not quite the same. Soon enough though, in the grand scheme of things, you will be reunited and able to pick up where you left off in your relationship to an extent.

Once reunited and full back end closure has been achieved, you may choose to continue to spend time together in upcoming adventures or go your separate ways.

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