What to expect after a reading to connect with a passed pet/animal companion

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What to expect after a reading really depends upon what your needs were, what happened during the reading and how you as an individual processed it. In short, each person will react differently based upon a huge array of factors. Here are a few of the most common reactions and hints for getting the most out of your post reading experience.

Many find themselves to be much more at peace after a reading with a passed loved one. During the reading usually very detailed and specific information will have been brought forward that confirm a connection with you after their passing, and even going so far as to describe details about you and or your environment during the reading. Frequently loved ones who had preceded the loved one that you are reaching out to will come through as well, reassuring you that your childhood companions in spirit are still very much alive and well – though not in the physical form of course.

One of the most common questions that I receive is “Who will take care of my loved one now that I cannot and they are in spirit?” The answer is simple, even if they were a very fearful and anxiety filled animal prior to passing, now that they are no longer in the physical form, the things that made them anxious and fearful are no longer a factor.

For example; think back to your first time behind the wheel of a vehicle. It was probably at some point very stressful to drive a vehicle, in fact it most likely is still somewhat stressful. You can be hit by another vehicle at anytime, you could suffer a mechanical failure, you could strike and injure or kill someone, you may run out of gas, you may find the roadway suddenly compromised, or you may no longer be able to see the road due to weather conditions. Even should you survive all of that, you may be hit by an animal, or find parking nearly impossible to locate, your vehicle may be vandalized or stolen. You get the idea, owning a physical vehicle and maintaining it, such as a body, can be difficult and stressful.

As a spirit in a physical body you face many of the same challenges that we humans face while driving a vehicle such as a car or a truck. You may starve to death if unable to locate food, dehydration will get to you first though if you find yourself without water, you may become infected by a virus, or you may injure your body. Life in a body is challenging, however as a spirit – all of your concerns that were tied to the physical experience are no longer a factor. With your stress and anxiety that was associated with trying to stay alive and healthy, no longer present, you are free to enjoy yourself.

After finding out that your loved ones are most definitely still a part of our lives, we may wonder what they do all day to keep themselves occupied. After all, if they are hanging out, but not playing with us and interacting directly with us, then they must be bored, right? Not really – consider the fact that we enjoy one very passive (meaning no physical interaction or verbal required) activity. Anyone want to guess what that is? It’s watching stories play out on the big screen, the small screen, the theatre stage, the sports arena and such. We like to watch things, we get caught up in the stories as they play out. Imagine being able to binge watch your favorite shows without having to work, eat, sleep … etc., you get the idea. Now take it a step further, you can travel the universe and watch from any vantage point and peek in on anything that you have an interest in.

Travel is fun, but our loved ones in spirit tend to want to stick by us and go and do the big traveling alongside us in the future, once we have joined them in spirit. It’s kind of like your loved ones arrived at the airport early and now before boarding their flight and potentially reincarnating into another form, they are waiting for us to join them. While waiting they keep close tabs on us an on occasion even guide and protect us.

Sometimes a reading where you make contact with a loved one will leave you feeling down for awhile, I call it reading hangover. Making contact with a passed loved one can bring up emotions that you thought had eased in intensity. During a strong connection you may feel euphoric during the reading, and then afterwards you realize how much you miss their physical presence even more. You may feel frustrated when told (and confirmed) during the reading that your loved one is with you, and then once the reading is done you are still having trouble picking up on their presence. Don’t worry, most of these types of feeling will clear themselves up fairly quickly with time.

There is a misconception that some people carry and that is that by reaching out to our loved ones in spirit that we are somehow bothering them or interfering with their own person growth etc., rubbish! Our loved ones in spirit love having us reach out to them, in the vast majority of the cases.

Most report feeling closer to their loved one in spirit, a greater sense of calm, peace and often times great joy and or happiness.

Remember that your loved ones in spirit can hear you, see you, travel alongside you and read your mind.

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