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by | Jul 12, 2015 | Animal Communication

Recently while working a missing animal case I ran into a problem. The person whose animal had gone missing swore that the information I was seeing could not be right, the reason they gave was because what I was describing did not sound like something their animal would do.

Now, a quick question … do you behave the same regardless of who you are with? No, we all tend to adjust our behavior to some extent based upon who we are with and their expectations of us. Think of the kids who act one way around their peers and an entirely different way when under the watchful eye of an adult authority figure. The same is true of animals, we may think that we understand them and know what they would and wouldn’t do, but our beliefs are based upon their behavior when they are around us.

Not too long ago I had details coming through that were clues as to the streets that a dog was near. This dog had gone missing and after several days with no sightings and no idea as to where he had run off to I was brought in to assist in locating him.

I made an immediate connection with him, described his features, age and a few other details regarding him – after a connection was confirmed, I asked where he was.

He showed me images and smells consistent with a sugar plant or factory. He told me that he could hear children playing at recess. He showed me an image of a beaver and told me that was another clue as to his location. He kept showing me a woman (that no one was able to identify) as well as a vehicle and yard that no one knew anything about.

While looking at a map I found some street names that matched the clues coming through, however I was told by his person that there was no way that he would have made it so far and that he would have crossed so many busy streets.

Not being able to convince her otherwise we continued to look for streets and landmarks consistent with the information I was getting, but limited to our original search area.

A few days later he was recovered from a woman’s yard where he had been fenced in for a week. He was adjacent to an elementary school and at the intersection of streets with sugar and beaver references in their names.


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"Charles is the real thing. I’ve had readings with others and was not able to connect. With Charles, he told us incredible things-things no one could know. He connected with our beloved dog, grandfather, great grandfather and family friend. Really amazing!"

Tammy Geerdts (Caledonia, Wisconsin)
Received via email November 3, 2018

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